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  1. Here is the log file. I am crashing to desktop after the battle. It has happened twice, the last one I stopped playing and captured the LOG file you need. Thanks for all your work you do. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. Mojo I have had this issue for several of the latest versions. Just go through the selection and hit enter when you get what you want selected. Now you have brought it up I am certain it will be addressed.
  3. I use Roughneck sight mod and the issue is there also.
  4. Latest build .25 worked flawlessly. Zero crashes to desktop today thanks for the time and effort you put into your mod pack.
  5. Hello Aslain I know this is the best place to address issues. I have been a long time user and supporter of your work. SO here it is .23 had some wonky crap going on in the garage after battle with a 1/10 CTD entering battle ratio not a real problem could never figure out the root cause off the issue. I like to keep it fresh so I installed .24 and holy bat shit some thing has gone wrong in the universe with this latest version. CTD entering battle ratio is horrid, also still getting the strange garage issues after battle I believe that issue to be related to the artillery assistant mod. So best of luck in the root cause of the CTD issues if I come up with anything I will post my findings.
  6. Piciu should rename his/her gun sound for WOT some thing other then War Thunder as to not cause any confusion as to which game the mod is actually for.
  7. If you are still having issues I recommend AdBlockerPlus to everyone it is the ... and by far one of the best add on's that you could ever use.
  8. Beals ladies of loading if he is inclined to share.
  9. I was doing some testing myself and the 48 causes freeze up when the battle starts. The 60x works with no issues with replays or actual game play.
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