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v3.7.13 (29-07-2014):

- fixed downloading & installing of lgfrbcsgo's Improved Lighting Mod v1.3

- fixed config not loading when trying to install hp bars on players panel with default icons selected

- added missing fonts to the installer

- updated Permanent Channels v1.3.0 by Pleiadi

- updated Team HP Pool Bar v91b by Locastan

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v3.7.14 (30-07-2014):

- new feature added: the auto-installing custom mods (to make it work you have to prepare a .zip or .7z with your custom mods inside, name it mod1 (thru 10) and place it inside Aslains_Custom_mods folder, then it shall be automaticaly installed by the installer every time you are using it). Warning: do not mix zip and 7z at the same time! Valid file names are from mod1 to mod10.

- changed aslains_downloaded_files folder into Aslains_DLC_cache (you have to manualy remove old folder, and/or copy it's contents to Aslains_DLC_cache if you want to avoid redownloading)

- applied some minor enhancements to the installer

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v3.8.1 (01-08-2014):

- updated XVM-5.3.3 (3060)

- re-added: Gnomefeather's sound mods

- re-added: Improved Lighting Mod v1.4

- re-added: Colored Wrecks of destroyed tanks

- re-added: RVT 9.2

- re-added YasenKrasen PL

- re-added Multilined Tank Carousel 1.5.3

- re-added J1mB0's Crosshair Mod v1.41

- re-added Premium hangar for non-premium users

- re-added GoHaru hitzone kins

- fixed small bug in the installer related to cleaning up WoT cache

- fixed installing Zoom x30 (0.9-30)

- fixed installing  TeamHpPools

- removed Wide borders of map mod (causing issues with WoT 9.2)

- removed Sword of Damocles v7.7 crosshair (causing issues with WoT 9.2)

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v3.8.2 (02-08-2014):

- updated XVM-5.3.3 (official)

- updated TOP150 clans for EU, NA, RU servers

- updated GoHaru hitzone skins

- updated Man1aq's Contour Icons 92

- updated Gnomefeather's gun sounds 1.9432

- updated Team HP Pools 92a

- updated Hangar Clock (also config fixed for 92)

- updated Xft' DamagePanel + integrated hitlog v0.9

- udpated Damage Panel GambitER 0.9.2

- updated SeaFalcons Damage Panel + Hitlog script and swf

- re-added Sounds from 0.9.1 Test 1 Mod (DLC)

- re-added AutoEquip mod

- re-added Received Damage Announcer v2.3

- re-added Sword of Damocles v7.7

- re-added Deegie’s Sniper Sights mod

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v3.8.3 (03-08-2014):

- new feature: auto-saving logs to _Aslain_logs.zip file (except python.log)

- added Wide Borders of Map FULL version (heavy on DLC)

- re-added Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjölnir" v2.98 (for 9.2)

- re-added 15m circle mod

- updated Chat filter & antispam v2.7.3

- updated Progress Indicator Text Mod 0.9.2

- updated Portuguese language in the installer

- fixed installing Damocles crosshair for J1mbo spg mode

- fixed installing Locastan Wagons mod

- removed Zoom x48, x60 (not working still)

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v3.8.4 (04-08-2014):

  • fixed downloading Train Wagon Visibility Mod by MAS629

  • fixed installing Damocles crosshair for J1mbo spg mode (this time for sure)

  • updated XVM-5.3.3 (b3064)

  • updated Nikodemsky contour icons 2.9d

  • updated PogS contour icon mod 3.x Oxmaster continued

  • updated ModSettings API v1.2.0-beta4 (fixed issue with mod tab)

  • added angle indicator by KillerEnte94 to damagepanel by GambitER

  • re-added Team Roughneck's Gunsights v3

  • enhanced code section in the installer

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v3.8.5 (05-08-2014):

- updated XVM-5.3.3 (b3067)

- added option to disable garage event hangar (in the WoT tweaker section)

- the 9 colors rating scale replaced with the 11 colors one (this is the new and official WN8 scale made by Wotlabs.net)

- removed switch for rating XWN6 and WN6

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v3.8.6 (05-08-2014):

- updated XVM-5.3.3 (b3070)

- updated ModSettings API v1.2.0-beta5

- updated No Camo by Artasan 0.9.2

- updated Permanent channels 9.2.5

- updated The minimap actions for platoons v6

- unified colors of other stats in the 11-color band rating

- added legacy 9-color band by Aslain

- added slighlty changed Wotlabs 11-color band rating with black replaced with white

- added new crew voices to DLC: Steel Foxes v1.2 

- fixed back-up mechanism of AutoEquip.xml

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v3.8.8 (08-08-2014):

- reverted to XVM-5.3.3 (official and stable)

- critical fix to DLC system

- updated Sword of Damocles v7.8

- updated Permanent channels 9.2.8

- re-added SPG crosshair on minimap (one style only)

- added Standard crosshair, with better timer and more

- added White damaged tracks (DLC)

- added Hangar WG bday (DLC)

- added Replays Manager mod

- replaced Full Wide Border of Maps with the light version

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v3.8.10 (11-08-2014):

- changed expD config so it won't spam to chat

- fixed update checker built-in the installer

- updated the update checker

- updated expD v.2.2 - Hitlog & InBattle WN8 Calculator

- added Marked undestructible structures (DLC)

- re-added KT's engine sounds and gun sounds (DLC)

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v3.8.11 (14-08-2014):

- updated XVM-5.3.4-dev (b3090)

- updated colors.xc with the new WGR rating

- updated any_to.js rating changing script by seriych

- updated alpha.xc

- updated Team HP Pool Bar 92 with new custom look

- changed xvm config to a new format

- added option: Display 6th sense icon for 9secs

- re-added Dendyt Hitzone skins

- re-added KoreanRandom Hitzone skins

- some small enhancements to the installer

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v3.8.12 (16-08-2014):

- updated XVM-5.3.4-dev (b3093)

- Team HP Pool Bar mod split into two options

- added new option: the shadow intensity on the OTM

- updated XVM scale for WGR

- bugfix: hotkeys & playerspanel


Mega link removed temporary, not working for me today, not to mention it was working very bad recently

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v3.8.14 (19-08-2014):

- updated french intaller language

- re-added KT's WWIIHWA gun sounds v2.541

- re-added KT's WWIIHWA hit sounds v2.54

- re-added KT's WWIIHWA engine sounds 2.031

- re-added KT's WWIIHWA Turret Traverse Sounds v1.64

- fixed the experimental centered iconset

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v3.8.16 (20-08-2014):

- updated XVM-5.3.4-dev (b3101)

- updated clanMod

- updated Gnome's gun sounds 2.541

- updated Gnome's engine sounds 0.571

- added color scheme selection compatibility with Team HP Pool bar mod

- added new large playerspanel option

- added Enhanced minimap images by vito74m (DLC)

- reworked the minimap mods on DLC section

- moved player names switch on OTM to the previous place

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v3.8.17 (21-08-2014):

- updated Spotmessanger 22 (also added new options)

- added squad and tier number section

- added squad number option to the OTM 

- changed the 11 colors rating scale by Aslain (white color to dark-red)

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v3.8.18 (22-08-2014):

- the problem you might experience, like crashing for no reason, is caused by WG minipatch that was applied yesterday - we need a new ModSettingsAPI mod

- installing anything will apply a fix to res/scripts/

- temporary updated ModSettingsAPI with some older but working version

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v3.8.19 (23-08-2014):

- fixed installing large players panel with certain setup

- fixed text encoding on a few config files

- blocked installing the Squad & Tier number options if the max info is selected

- added Squad number on the left side to the main Max Info option

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v3.8.20 (24-08-2014):

- added WG Twitch Streaming Mod (DLC)

- added new 6th sense sound - Timer (with 10sec duration)

- added Kapitan Bomba crew voices (polish lang.)

- the XVM capture bar will have correct color for each color scheme now

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v3.8.21 (25-08-2014):

- fixed battle buttons in Zayaz Battleinterface

- changed the contour icon Hotchkiss (french LT t2) to H35 on my Regular, and Classical icons

- added two versions of Hitzone skins with 25% compression by Dendyt (DLC)

- added Hangar clock with calculator by AntonVK

- added 12h clock format option to Hangar Clock

- added new XVM options: thin HP bars on medium Players Panel

- removed Hangar Clock by Maxim___77

- the installer code updated and optimized

- changed how the mod description preview works

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