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v3.8.22 (26-08-2014):

- re-adjusted the picture preview button

- fixed SirAdams' RadialMenu config

- added new option: Hide bounces & reload time from damage log on Damage Panel Gambiter

- moved most of the contour icons mods to online repository

- thanks to all changes installer has reduced it's size by 30MB (expect even lesser size in future)

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v3.8.23 (27-08-2014):

- fixed installing Aslains modern contour icons

- added new variantion of Madagascar crew voices (PL lang) (DLC)

- added Advanced tips for skills (PL lang. only)

- added Calculator switch to Hangar Clock

- reworked and reorganized the sound mods in DLC

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v3.8.24 (28-08-2014):

- applied possible fix to EAccessViolation error 

- replaced Grandpa's Favorite Voices and Sounds Mod with Grandpa's Favorite Voices

- added Siegfried crew voices (German lang.)

- added Duke Sound (German lang.)

- added Ritterkreuz crew voices (German lang.)

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v3.8.25 (29-08-2014):

- added DeathMatch announcer mod

- added Accurate Damage Indicator mod

- added PhattyL's voice pack

- added Four's FPS and performance modpack 3.0 Lite

- added Letter shell icons mod

- fixed Advanced tips for skills  (PL lang. only) mod

- reorganized all Garage mods into one branch (1st stage of branching - done)

- reorganized the rest of components list too (1st stage)

- the installer code optimization

- expect more changes in component list soon

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v3.8.28 (04-09-2014):

- updated installer's PT language

- added (still incomplete) Greek language support to the installer (by Greek69)

- corrected the Hangar Clock style when 12h clock is selected style

- re-added option for Hangar Clock - Above 'Battle' button

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v3.8.29 (04-09-2014):

- updated the installer's custom messages

- enlarged Clan Icons size on battleloading and statisticForm

- added switch to display Clan Icons on PlayersPanel

- added switch to display WinChance on some windows

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For 0.9.2:


v3.8.37 (23-09-2014):

- updated clan icons to the state of 2014.09.18 [DLC]

- fixed error caused by italian translator


For 0.9.3 CT:


v3.8.37 (23-09-2014):

- updated XVM to 3191

- updated clan icons to the state of 2014.09.18

- added XVM multilined tank carousel

- added XVM clock in hangar option

- fixed error caused by italian translator


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v3.9.0 (25-09-2014):

- NOTE: this is first modpack version for 9.3, expect at least one or two more versions today

- added improved Component List (including a new way of component marking)

- updated XVM to 5.3.5 Retail

- updated 150 top clan icons to state of 2014.09.24 [DLC]

- updated PT language

- updated man1aqContourMod icons [DLC]

- updated Webium's contour mod  [DLC]

- updated Sword of Damocles to v7.9.1

- updated P_MoD to 9.3

- updated No camo by Artasan 9.3

- updated Pogs contour icon mod 3.x Oxmaster

- updated No fog (maximum visibility)

- updated Skins of destroyed vehicles v3.3

- updated Replays manager v3

- enabled expD  (works but with white color only and no shadow)

- enabled ATAC! (works but with white color only and no shadow)

- moved XVM hangar clock to the right side

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v3.9.2 (25-09-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3230

- updated Locastans HD minimap Gen.4 93

- updated Four's FPS and performance modpack Lite v4.1

- updated J1mB0's Crosshair v1.42

- updated J1mbo's icons to 9.3

- updated modsettings api 1.2.1

- fixed an issue of runtime error (at -1:0)  

- removed improved Component List (not working on all computers)

- fully implemented XVM Tank Carousel with filters by XVM team

- removed Mulitlined Tank Carousel by 4lCapwn & CS2001 (obsolete from now)

- the mastery mark will be displayed always by defaul on the XVM tank carousel

- fix attempt of vehiclenames.xc error on certain operating systems

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v3.9.3 (26-09-2014):

- replaced expD v2.2 with Multi Hit Log v.1.8 (with minimalistic config aka expD)

- updated Received Damage Announcer v2.4

- updated Premium hangar (shows premium garage for non-premium users)

- updated ReCo's Vertical Techtree v9.3

- updated Progress Indicator Text Mod 9.3

- updated YasenKrasen Coloured Messages + session statistics

- updated Locastan's Session Stats (93 minimal)

- updated Goharu hitzone skins 93

- updated Dumadidak Cracked Hangar

- disabled Gnomefeather's sound mods (causing issues, stuck on battleloading etc.)

- fixed bad encoding in some new .xc files

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v3.9.4 (26-09-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3235

- updated Multi Hit Log v.1.9 (with minimalistic config aka expD)

- updated Four's FPS and performance modpack Lite v4.2 [DLC]

- updated lgfrbcsgo's Improved Lighting Mod v1.5 [DLC]

- updated Sounds from 0.9.1 Test1 (Hellcat/Jackson+guns) [DLC]

- updated DeathMatch announcer [DLC]

- updated Wide border of maps (light version) [DLC]

- added Mod ESL v1.3 (for ESL only) [DLC]

- enabled GOLD ammo visibility mod

- enabled Kriegstreiber's Turret Traverse Sounds v1.65

- enabled all hangar appearance mods [DLC]

- removed SpotMessanger (bugged, not updated and causing issues)

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Modpack v3.9.5 (26-09-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3236

- removed TeamHP poolbar style by Armagomen (be back when modsettings api be updated properly)

- removed Crew voice PhattyL (not working)

- removed Four's FPS and performance modpack Lite v4.2 (incompatibility with some mods)

- updated WG Twitch Streaming Mod

- one more clock.xc encoding fix attempt


XVM only v3.9.5 (26-09-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3236

- updated login.xc and hangar.xc (new ping style and position)

- updated carousel.xc (now it shows filters and one carousel row)

- udpated clock.xc (now it displays date and clock by default)

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v3.9.6 (26-09-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3238

- updated Safeshot mod (temporary with russian txt on screen)

- updated Koshnaranek camera scripts

- updated carousel.xc with new features

- updated SpotMessanger v24

- updated BattleMessenger - Chat filter & antispam v2.7.4 

- updated Roktaal's Compact Horizontal Techtree v1.0

- updated ModSettingsAPI v1.2.2

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v3.9.7 (27-09-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3239

- updated Kriegstreiber's WWIIHWA sound mods to 9.3

- updated Xft' DamagePanel + integrated hitlog v0.10

- updated Damage Panel GambitER 0.9.3 (temporary without angles)

- updated Deegie’s Sights GKstd Remake v7

- updated The minimap actions for platoons mod

- updated Locastans' session stats with detailed version

- updated KT's Mjolnir Crosshair v2.99

- updated KT's Turret Traverse Sounds 1v.66

- updated YasenKrasen 0.9.3 PL v1

- updated Krótkie kolorowe komunikaty YasenKrasen 0.9.3 PL v1

- fixed spg crossair From Sword of Damocles in J1mbo mode

- fixed Locastans Enhanced HD Minimaps Gen.4 (map image files only)

- fixed Radial Menu mod

- disabled WoT Tweaker until I make sure it's really fine in 9.3

- added the Minions 6th sense icon

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