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95 v4.1.39 (07-02-2015):

- updated Received Damage Announcer EU (fix to team announcing)

- added Kriegstreiber's Ambience sounds v4.03

- attention: the ambience sounds will overwrite some other garage and sound mods. Additionaly will cause issues when you want to uninstall it -> required manual renaming of paths.xml.original to paths.xml


96CT v4.2.0-test10 (07-02-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly 3754

- updated Received Damage Announcer EU
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v4.1.40 (08-02-2015):

- zmieniono dynamiczny kolor wn8expd na zielony w zaawansowanej karuzeli czołgów

- naprawiono kolory CB na minimapie przy wybraniu Zieloni kontra Fioletowi (CB)

- dodano nową sekcję: Kierunek celowania wrogich czołgów na minimapie

- aktualizacja Quests Extended v1.06

- instalowanie czegokolwiek przez instalator bedzie także automatycznie naprawiało paths.xml

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v4.1.42 (10-02-2015):

- added crew icons: Girls Und Panzer Crew Swimsuit Edition

- added Megamind crew voices, 6th sense icon and 6th sense sound

- added WoT Region Changer

- added run option for KT Ambiente

- added Extended Filters Pack

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v4.2.0 (11-02-2015):

- updated XVM to

- adaptation to Wot 0.9.6

- certain mods and sections were removed temporary (waiting for update)

- expect some issues, this is first version for 9.6

- also expect one or two more modpack version today, if they update some mods

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v4.2.2 (11-02-2015):

- updated Quests Extended v1.07 (fix)

- tuned-up script for installing sound mods

- added YasenKrasen session stats

- added Colored messages PL by YasenKrasen

- fixes to component list

- fixes to DLC


v4.2.1 (11-02-2015):

- updated Quests Extended v1.07

- updated Vehicle Exp Extended v1.08

- updated Crew Exp Extended v2.11

- updated Autoaim extended v2.04

- updated Battle Assistant v1.2.5

- updated AutoTelescope 

- updated BalCalcMod

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v4.2.3 (12-02-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly 3786

- updated Aslain's contour icons

- updated Best Icons Ever by Grandorf

- updated mightyjosHi's Contour Icons

- added YasenKrasen session stats

- added Colored messages EN by YasenKrasen

- fixed Advanced Aiming System

- fixed tank carousel when only Master Mark option is selected

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v4.2.4 (12-02-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly 3788

- fixed missing icon in Aslain's contour icons modern roman

- fixed folder inside Aslain's Colored Tech-Tree and Vehicle list icons

- fixed cameranode.pyc (thanks fronti3r_eu for finding this out)

- added Gnomefather's Gun sounds and Engine sounds

- updated Wizard's Contour Icon Mod v2.0

- updated Locastans Enhanced HD Minimaps Gen.4

- updated Tomsa's Contour Icons Mod (Jackhammer's style)

- updated Transparent Nation Decals, Stickers & Inscriptions

- updated Transparent Camouflage (by camo pattern)

- updated Transparent Clan Logos by OlliN

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v4.2.5 (13-02-2015):

- updated XVM v6.0.0.3

- updated ReCo's Vertical Techtree v9.6.1

- updated TORQue Contour Mod v1.9

- updated TessuMod 0.5.2 (WOT/Teamspeak integration mod)

- updated J1mB0's Contour Icon Mod v1.40

- updated Pogs contour icon mod 3.x Oxmaster continued

- updated Webium's contour icon

- updated Prudenter Icons

- updated Skins with hitzones from Dendyt

- updated WoT Tweaks section

- added MaxFarPlane with Fog Remover

- added Dumadidak Black Hangar (minimalistic hangar)

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v4.2.6 (14-02-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly 3800

- updated WoT Region Changer 3.0

- updated Spotmessanger

- updated Artillery sight on the minimap (also re-added all 10 options)

- updated Deathmatch announcer

- updated No Camo by Artsan

- added Hangar Manager 'HangMan' with few built-in garages

- added Locastan's session stats (both detailed and minimalistic)

- added White Death by Artasan

- removed AutoTelescope (not working)

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v4.2.7 (14-02-2015):

- removed hangar tooltips mod from Vehicle-Exp extended

- updated Vehicle-Exp extended to another v1.08 (from 12th Feb)

- updated Autoaim extended to to another v2.04 (from 12th Feb)

- re-added AutoTelescope (should work, it's latest version available)

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v4.2.8 (15-02-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly 3811

- updated P_Mod script (v14-2)

- updated InfoPanel script (by Assassik)

- updated man1aq Contour Mod

- updated Witblitz Contour Mod - Super Mini

- added Piciu's War Thunder Gun v1.83 & Engine Sounds v1.23

- added Terrorist Allahu Akbar Voice Mod

- added Blocked damage extended v1.03 by Spoter

- added central marker v3 to Deegie's crosshair

- re-added Colored skins of destroyed vehicles

- re-added Skins with hitzones by Goha.ru

- re-added Miku Hangar Mod 2.0 (WGDC ver.) by Parking Area Team

- re-added automatic session stats back-up system

- re-added Vbaddict's ATS and BRR mods (for Active Dossie Uploader)

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v4.2.9 (16-02-2015):

- removed Grandpa's Content Mods (bugging Fjord and Fisherman maps)

- updated HangMan mod

- updated Nikodemsky icon contour mod

- updated ProArty spg crosshair

- updated scripts for Deegie's crosshair

- updated scripts for Standard crosshair, with better timer and more

- updated Damagepanel Gambiter 0.9.6

- updated SpotMessanger (Fixed lamp not showing)

- added new option to Gambiters branch: Show repair panel in center (activation: CTRL button)

- added Direction indicator extended v1.05 by Spoter

- added Spot indicator branch

- re-added Kriegstreiber's Gun sounds v3.083

- re-added Kriegstreiber's Engine sounds v3.0-pre1

- re-added Kriegstreiber's Hit sounds v3.02

- re-added Arcade-Sniper Switch Lag Fix + Max Farplane

- re-added Mod ESL v2.2

- re-added Kodos compact horizontal tech-tree

- replaced MaxFarPlane + No Fog with Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

- removed option: Hide angles indicator from Gambiter damage panel (temporary, until some re-add the angles to gambiter again)

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v4.2.10 (17-02-2015):

- removed Save Login Asia (not working)

- added Replays Manager v8

- added Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjölnir" v3 PRE

- added Kriegstreiber's Ambience sounds v4.04 (DLC be availble later, still uploading it)

- updated Kriegstreiber's Hit sounds v3.021

- updated Deegie's crosshair script

- updated Dumadidak Black Hangar with HangMan (so now it works with event hangar)

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v4.2.11 (18-02-2015):

- re-added Show PW saving box (aka. Save Login Asia)

- updated YasenKrasen Deutsch (PapaDigi)

- updated Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky (PL)

- updated ProArty crosshair (new fixed script)

- updated Dumadidak Black Hangar (added cracked ground texture)

- updated Torque icon contour mod

- removed Allahu Akbar Voice

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v4.2.12 (19-02-2015):

- updated Blocked damage extended v1.07 by Spoter

- updated Multi Hit Log v2.0

- updated crosshair HARDscope v11.5 (removed option for ussr and german)

- updated Gnomefather's Gun sounds v1.951

- added Polish translation to Blocked damage extended

- enabled text animations in Deegie's arcade view (to fix gun type showing)

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v4.2.13 (19-02-2015):

- updated Blocked damage extended v1.08 by Spoter

- added new start mode options in Players Panel section

- added new minimalistic option in Info Panel section

- added Bat Cave Hangar (with hangman)

- replaced the modpack version checker with similar mod

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v4.2.14 (20-02-2015):

- changed keys for HangMan to arrow UP & DOWN (rest keys disabled in mod)

- affected mods due above change are Dumadidak Black hangar, Bat Cave , Miku

- added new option to Multi Hit Log: WN8 & EFF

- added Mini Damage Panel by Nikodemsky

- added Skins with hitzones by KoreanRandom

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v4.2.15 (22-02-2015):

- updated Effective Armor Calculator (battletimer.swf fix, vehicle data change)

- updated XVM to nightly 3850

- removed spammy script: ProSights.pyc (don't ask me to add it again)

- fixed Mav's Ultra Fog Remover (wrong file name for Sacred Valley map)

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v4.2.16 (23-02-2015):

- updated Harpoon crosshair v3.0 (en, ru)

- updated Autoaim indication+

- added Accurate Damage Indicator #5

- added a 15 sec display script to all Accurate Damage Indicators

- added new branch: Debug Panels with 3 options inside

- added english version of Mini Damage Panel by Nikodemsky

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v4.2.17 (24-02-2015):

- added old Harpoon crosshair v2.1 (ru)

- added branches to Melty's, Deegie's and Mjolnir crosshair

- added new option: Ignore finishing series to Quests Extended

- added PMOD zoom-in options to Zoom settings in the installer

- added new crosshairs: Shooter and Optic TRG

- added locastans UI mod (beta) [scaling UI elements for 4K resolution]

- updated XVM to nightly 3867

- updated WoT Region Changer v3.1

- updated Autoaim indication+

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v4.2.19 (26-02-2015):

- updated XVM to v6.0.1

- updated Artillery sight on the minimap (for new XVM 6.0.1)

- corrected mastery mark icon position on the advanced 0.8 scale carousel

- added Gun Reload Sound branch

- added "Sabot UP" reload sound (thanks gkarageorgos for helping)

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v4.2.20 (27-02-2015):

- fixed ProArty crosshair

- fixed Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky (PL)

- added black & white HD minimap images

- added new 6th sense icons: red sign and bulb

- added Detailed Tank Tooltips by Spoter

- added Artasan's vehicle contour icons

- added Spotted extended (Firefly) v2.01 by Spoter

- attention: Melty's crosshair is currently incompatible with Battle Assistant

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v4.2.21 (28-02-2015):

- fixed ESL Mod (it's correct v2.2 now)

- updated Giacint crosshair

- updated XVM Symbol font

- attention: Melty's crosshair + Battle Assistant + koshnaranek zoom-in will not work but should work with P_mod scripts

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v4.2.22 (02-03-2015):

- updated XVM to 3886

- updated Wizard's contour mod

- updated Custom Login Screens by LegendaryStoner

- added missing Obj. 260 icon to Aslain's regular and classical icons

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