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v3.9.9 (28-09-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3245

- updated Nikodemsky contour icons (reworked by jareckus)

- updated Artillery sight on the minimap (DLC)

- updated vito74m's sound mods to 9.3

- updated TORQue Contour Mod v1.6 (27.09.14) - Inspired by Witblitz [DLC]

- updated WoT Tweaker to 9.3

- reverted Xft' DamagePanel + integrated hitlog v0.9 (last stable)

- removed replay Manager (seem to be bugged in 9.3)

- fixed installing Siegfried crew voices (German lang.)

- rebranched hitzone skins

- added Full HD tank textures from Wargaming (DLC @ WG server)

- enabled Zayaz Battleinterface 5.05 damage panel

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v3.9.10 (29-09-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3258 (shows extra network error msgs now)

- updated carousel and clock.xc's

- updated Multi Hit Log v.1.9c

- updated YasenKrasen Coloured Messages + session statistics

- updated Portugese and Spanish languages (installer)

- updated Aslain's Colored Tech-Tree to 9.3

- updated Aslain's Gold Premium Tanks to 9.3

- updated Kriegstreiber's Engine sounds v2.05

- rebranched Crew icons section

- added Minion crew mod (icons)

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v3.9.11 (30-09-2014):

- removed ModSettings API completly

(I don't trust this mod anymore, mysterious patching, crashes, weird errors and whatnots)

- removed Permanent Channels mod

- updated Locastan's Allied Outlines (93b) (fixed)

- updated Locastan's Team HP Pools (93b)

- updated SafeShot (by BegiN, added new options in a config)

- enabled SpotMessanger in random battles (option)

- added detailed XM carousel info option

- added 12h hangar clock format option

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v3.9.12 (30-09-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3262

- updated Armor Calculator mod

- updated MeltyMathMod

- changed zoom scale on the 3 rowed Tank Carousel to 1 (all will be bigger)

- reworked SpotMessanger branch

- added TessuMod 0.2.0 (WOT/Teamspeak integration mod)

- temporary removed Wide Borders of Maps (may cause camera freezes on certain pcs) 

- corrected orange stat color to be more vivid

- fixed downloading KT engines 2.05

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v3.9.13 (01-10-2014):

- updated Replay Manager v3

- updated Gnomefeather's HRmod v1.9441

- updated Gnomefeather's engine sounds v0.581

- updated Advanced tips for skills (PL lang. only) 93

- updated Dendyt and KoreanRandom hitzones 93

- updated Nikodemsky icon mod with few fixed icons

- removed bugged Berling hangar 

- added Crew Exp Extended mod

- fix attempt on bad encoding after patching carousel.xc on certain systems

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v3.9.15 (03-10-2014):

- fixed the hp bar color without stats on medium playerspanel with thin bars colored by player rating

- updated english and polish language in the installer (corrections and labels)

- updated XVM to 3285

- added missing additional RVT mod resolutions

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v3.9.17 (13-10-2014):

- updated XVM to official

- added the new WoTLabs rating scale with 10-colors

- added 4 and 5 rowed tank carousel

- reworked Allied Silouhettes mod section, so it can work with the selected color scheme without always showing allied silouhettes (the user must select proper component)

- removed all 11-colors rating scale

- disabled Gnome sound mods (temporary)

- fixed installing Tessu Mod

- updated Gambiter Damagepanel 0.9.3 v.3 (also used in XFT and SeaFalcons)

- cannot verify if Gambiter is still bugging the YasenKrasen, so in case it does, don't use YasenKrasen with Gambiters dmg panel or vice versa

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v3.9.18 (16-10-2014):

- updated XVM scale colors

- updated the Top 150 clans to the state of 2014.10.14

- updated Gnomefather's Gun sounds v1.9442

- updated Nikodemsky Icon Mod v1.02

- updated Kriegstreiber's Engine sounds v2.061

- updated Kriegstreiber's Gun sounds v2.61

- updated Kriegstreiber's Hit sounds v2.61

- updated YasenKrasen v1 ENG 

- updated Safe Shot

- updated TessuMod 0.3.3 (WOT/Teamspeak integration mod)

- updated clanMod

- updated Prudenter Icon Mod 9.3

- updated Kodos Icon Mod 9.3

- updated Replay Manager

- updated J1mbo's Icon Mod v1.36

- enabled Gnomefather's Engine sounds

- reverted Gambiters damagepanel files back to the 9.2 version (it works, but show some bounces as NoDmg and alike, at least it's not bugging the other mods, will get back to new 9.3 version once I'm sure Gambiter fixed all compatibility issues - not my fault)

- disabled all installer languages that exceeds 40 missing component lines: FR, DE, GR, HR

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v3.9.20 (22-10-2014):

- updated XVM to

- changed token location, now it is stored in the user preferences: %APPDATA%\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\xvm\

- updated camera scripts from Koshnaranek

- updated colors.xc for tdb and kb ratings

- updated Aslain's Gold Premium Tanks

- updated Aslain's colored tech tree icons

- updated Aslain's experimental and exp. centered icon contour mods

- updated Aslain's Modern icon contour mod (created a new template, lost the old one)

- updated Aslain's Regular, CB, Classical and Classical CB icon contour mods

- updated SafeShot (I've translated it to english)

- removed YasenKrasen PL (not updated, will add different session stats later)

- changed color of worst rating in 10 colors scale

- enabled WoT Tweaker (since I cannot verify it, use on your own risk)

- removed Win chance branch from the installer (now it's available only after loging on modxvm.com)

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v3.9.22 (24-10-2014):

- updated XVM to

- updated ATAC!

- updated 15m circle mod

- updated IT, ES, PT installer languages

- updated Gambiter 9.3 v.3 with angle indicator

- updated Kriegstreiber's Gun sounds v3.01

- corrected vehicle class colors when Jackhammer icons are installed

- added Vbaddict's ATS and BRR mods (for Active Dossie Uploader)

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v3.9.24 (28-10-2014):

- added new installer branch with minimap coords color

- added mod Display Enemy View Direction on the minimap

- added Sounds from 0.9.4 Test2 (with tracers)

- added Hangar pack with 16 garages

- added minimalistic session stats by Locastan

- updated Man1aq contour icon mod

- updated Kriegstreiber's Gun sounds v3.03

- updated config file elements.xc 

- updated Aslain's Sturer Emil and M41 contour icons (except CB)

- changed mastery mark to be always visible on tank carousel by default

- changed MultiHitlog config to minimal setting

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v3.9.25 (29-10-2014):

- updated TORQue Contour Mod

- updated ES and PT installer languages

- updated Artillery sight on the minimap (also added 9 missing options)

- added new branch and replaced Enemy View Direction mod with Tank directions on minimap + spotted vehicle direction

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v3.9.26 (30-10-2014):

- fixed installing Aslain's experimental centered contour icons

- fixed installing Spg crosshair on minimap (7-10)

- rebranched MultiHitlog section (split into full and minimal)

- updated ES installer language

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v3.9.27 (01-11-2014):

- fixed running installer on certain systems

- fixed red allies on the minimap

- removed gun directions on minimap (unstable, crashing the game)

- removed Hangar pack (causing loading issues)

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v4.0.0 (05-11-2014):

- supports new WoT 0.9.4

- updated XVM to nightly 3396

- added Aslain's modern 3D contour icons

- the missing mods will come later, after checking them in WoT 9.4

- added Dutch translation (by MrBully)

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v4.0.4 (05-11-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3400

- updated J1mB0's Crosshair v1.43

- updated DeathMatch announcer

- updated AutoEquip

- updated YasenKrasen PL

- updated Locastan's session stats (upd. minimalistic, removed full)

- updated MultiHitlog 1.9d

- fixed icon scale on the minimap

- fixed Sword of Damocles crosshair

- fixed undefined error across few crosshairs

- removed faulty SafeShot (this will fix YasenKrasen and Locastans stats)

- removed RVT (bugged)

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v4.0.5 (06-11-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3402 (minimap fix, network services fix) 

- updated ReCo's Vertical Techtree v9.4.1

- updated Deegie's crosshair

- removed The minimap actions for platoons (need update)

- added SafeShot (working this time)

- added moonio contour icons

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