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v4.0.30.1 (14-12-2014) for The 9.5 CT:

- added Players Panel medium option: Narrow field, with client language flags

- added Players Panel medium option: Narrow field, with client language letters

- updated spotting icons config code in few files

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v4.0.31 (15-12-2014):

- improved the extraction method, so now you can use any file name you wish in the Aslains_Custom_mods folder (thanks to _Kirby and BegiN)

- added new Gambiter's branch option: Hide angles indicator

- added possibility to select two different keys for BalCalc mod

- updated Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle+

- fixed Blue vs Red, and Blue vs Orange colors on the alternative minimap (alt)

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v4.0.32 (16-12-2014):

- added new YasenKrasen option: Reset the stats daily (at 6:00am)

- reworked scroll sensitivity option

- reworked zoomout option

- added crew voices: PhattyL

- fixed BalCalMod F key

- installer code optimization

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v4.0.33 (17-12-2014):

- updated expected_tank_values.json (YasenKrasen and Locastan's session stats)

- updated Hardscope crosshair to v11.4

- divided Hardscope crosshair into USSR and German version

- added new sound option: Silent Battle Timer

- added crosshair OverCross

- added new branch Annoying Features Remover

- added german YasenKrasen session stats

- added german colored chat messages

- removed No Camo by Artasan

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v4.0.35 (20-12-2014):

- added new mod to SPG minimap crosshair branch: showing special notifications like "revealed!", or "spg!" etc.

- added Stay High, Jean-Luc Picard and Stewie Griffin 6th sense icons and sounds (by LegendaryStoner)

- added Family Guy crew mod (by LegendaryStoner)

- added Family Guy voice pack

- added Custom Login Screens (by LegendaryStoner)

- added Anime crew mod

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v4.1.0 (22-12-2014):

- compatibility with World of Tanks update 9.5

- updated XVM to nightly 3513

- removed Aslain's regular & classical CB icons (discontinued, be possibly replaced by my experimental icons with custom color, but forget old colors, sorry)

- note: this is very first modpack for 9.5, expect more updates

- note: only my own and Jackhammer's icons were updated to 9.5, the rest will have missing tanks

- note: if you cannot find your mod here, it means it was disabled until it's updated to 9.5

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v4.1.2 (22-12-2014):

- updated BalCalcMod

- updated Autotelescope mod

- updated Colored Messages EN, PL

- updated Locastan's session stats EN

- fixed installing PhattyL crew voices

- removed Annoying Features Remover (waiting for 9.5 udp.)

- removed Locastan's minimalistic stats (waiting for 9.5 upd.)

- removed YasenKrasen session stats PL (waiting for 9.5 upd.)

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v4.1.3 (23-12-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3534

- updated OverCross crosshair 9.5

- updated YasenKrasen session stats PL v0.9.5.1

- updated RVT 9.5

- updated Colored Messages DE

- updated BattleMessenger - Chat filter & antispam 9.5

- updated man1aq contour icons 9.5

- updated Easy crew voice selector

- updated KT's guns sounds v3.08

- updated KT's hit sounds v3.01

- updated KT's engine sounds v2.11

- updated Gnome's gun sounds v1.946

- updated Gnome's engine sounds v0.583

- fixed installing crew voices & 6th sense sounds

- added client country flags to battleloading and stats tab

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v4.1.4 (24-12-2014):


- updated XVM to nightly 3535

- updated DamagePanel Gambiter 9.5

- updated Prudenter icon mod 9.5

- updated J1mbo icon mod 9.5

- updated J1mB0's Crosshair v1.44

- updated Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

- updated WoT Tweaker branch

- updated No Camo by Artasan

- updated replays Manager

- updated AutoTelescope mod (w/o choices in installer)

- added flags switch to players panel section

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v4.1.5 (25-12-2014):

- updated XVM nightly 3541

- reworked Display Clan Icon option

- fixed players panel error when installing original icons

- fixed installing players panel large (one more attempt)

- fixed installing Family Guy Voice Pack

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v4.1.6 (26-12-2014):

- updated XVM to 5.5.0

- updated HangMan hangar changer

- updated Skins with hitzones by KoreanRandom

- updated Goharu hitzone skins

- updated Pogs contour icon mod

- updated TORQue Contour Mod v1.8

- updated lgfrbcsgo's Improved Lighting Mod

- updated White Dead Tank skins

- updated Vbaddict's ATS and BRR mods (for Active Dossie Uploader)

- added Big Hot Keys for Consumables mod

- re-added AutoEquip (old version, works in 9.5)

- removed Autoaim indication (bugged, lot's of errors in python.log)

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v4.1.7 (26-12-2014):

- fixed vehiclenames.xc due to wrong text encoding on some system

- fixed Colored Messages PL

- fixed playerspanel spotting icons

- fixed short playerspanel

- fixed J1mbo icons mirroring

- disabled text animations on Deegie's sight

- disabled the Bulb spotting icon (need better implementation)

- updated moonio contour icons

- updated Custom Login Screens by LegendaryStoner

- added White Dead Tracks

- added locastan's minimalistic session stats EN

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v4.1.7.3 (26-12-2014):

- fixed downloading and installing Custom Login Screens by LegendaryStoner


v4.1.7.2 (26-12-2014):

- fixed installing locastan's minimalistic session stats EN


Sorry, I'm too tired, I better go sleep, and don't produce anything today :)

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v4.1.8 (27-12-2014):

- removed White Tracks (this is last time I ever added this crap, it is now on my personal ignore list, stop asking to add it again, it never works ok)

- added Advanced tips for skills (polish language version only!)

- added Arcade-Sniper Switch Lag Fix + Max Farplane

- added Transparent Clan Logos (to AFR section)

- updated Nikodemsky Contour Mod

- updated sights.pyc to something that might work better with reloading counter

- updated Artillery sight on the minimap

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v4.1.9 (28-12-2014):

- added AutoAim Indication+

- added Crew Exp Extended

- updated Info Panel (ALT fix)

- updated Kriegstreiber's Turret Traverse Sounds v1.69

- fixed spotting icons on default playersPanel.xc (I'm still working on better spot icons position)

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v4.1.10 (29-12-2014):

- updated Standard crosshair, with better timer and more

- updated Tessu mod 0.5.1

- updated Moonio's icon contour mod v1.6

- updated Autotelescope mod to latest original (options restored)

- updated Mod ESL v1.8 (for ESL only)

- updated Nikodemsky Contour Mod v1.05

- updated crew voices Teksty Hallacka (PL lang.)

- added 3 missing resolution options to RVT mod

- added Piciu's War Thunder Gun, Engine & Crew Sounds

- added Vehicle Exp Extended (hangar calculation of required experience to next tank)

- added SpotMessanger

- fixed installing Crew Exp Extended

- removed server flags, now it shows empty space when flag is not updated

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v4.1.11 (30-12-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3612

- updated Kriegstreiber's Engine sounds v2.12

- updated AutoAim Indication+ (spg fix)

- removed obsolete files from HangMan mod

- removed not working options from SpotMessanger

- corrected flags alpha on left playerspanel when medium panel with flags is installed

- corrected the size of server cross in Melty's crosshair

- changed text encoding on few default config files

- added PapaDigi's Session Stats (German only)

- fixed downloading Custom Login Screens

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v4.1.12 (31-12-2014):

- added Transparent Camouflage (by camo pattern) to AFR

- added LegendarySpecies' TwoStepsFromHell Music Mod

- updated Miku Hangar v2 95

- updated Skins of destroyed vehicles (re-added brown, grey, white)

- fixed default hitlog icons

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v4.1.13 (02-01-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly 3618

- updated Man1aq contour icons

- updated Vehicle Exp Extended 1.05 + detailed tank tooltips

- updated AutoAim Indication+ v01.02.2015

- updated Kodos contour icons

- updated Kodos compact horizontal tech-tree

- updated Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjölnir" v2.994

- fixed session stats cache back-up system

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v4.1.14 (03-01-2015):

- updated XVM nightly 3624

- updated Top 150 clans (2015.01.02)

- updated Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjölnir" v2.995

- added locastans enh. HD minimap Gen 4 (Full Mod)

- added Wizard's Contour Icon Mod

- added mightyjosHi's Contour Icons

- added tank contour icons xobotyi by galagan

- added option to reset YK stats daily

- reworked locastans enh. HD minimap Gen 4 branch

- shrinked the server crosshair size if J1mbo crosshair is installed

- fixed Vehicle Exp Extended (english version)

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v4.1.15 (04-01-2015):

- updated XVM to 5.5.1

- updated Witblitz Contour Mod - Super Mini

- updated Gnome's gun sounds v1.9461

- updated J1mB0's Crosshair Mod v1.45

- updated AutoAim indicator mod

- updated Battle Shell Cooldown Buttons mod

- fixed advanced stats on the 5 row tank carousel option

- replaced script sights.pyc with ProSights.pyc on certain crosshairs to fix reload bug

- added "Best Icons Ever" by Grandorf

- added contrabass tank icons

- enabled "show crew experience" on battle results window

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v4.1.16 (05-01-2015):

- updated XVM to

- updated Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjölnir" v2.997

- fixed Autotelescope choices

- cleaned up XVM directory structure

- replaced camera scripts back to sights.pyc (prosights script is showing a warning message that script is being used illegaly + advertising 3rd party russian modpack in garage)

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v4.1.17 (06-01-2015):

- updated default XVM config

- updated Improved Lighting Mod by lgfrbcsgo

- fixed encoding in texts.xc on some windows versions

- replaced Melty and J1mbo's sights.pyc with new script that has fixed reloading counter

- added XVM user icon to battle loading and statistic tab windows (will add switch later)

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