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v4.3.22 (16-05-2015):

- updated XVM to

- updated Master_X's contour icons with english version

- updated script for Melty's blue crosshair

- added Mikkaav's contour icons (based on Artasan's style)

- fixed Deegie's arty view

- rebranched few iconsets with new options

- disabled Moonio's contour icons (outdated)

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v4.3.23 (17-05-2015):

- updated Melty's crosshair script (again...)

- updated all clan icons to 2015.04 (except for ru)

- updated installer languages

- added ProArty with new files

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v4.3.24 (18-05-2015):

- updated Autoaim indicator+ (0.9.7-20150517)

- updated Piciu's War Thunder sound mods

- updated Nikodemsky contour icon with fix by jareckus

- added Piciu's War Thunder track sounds

- added fixed Allied Outlines 97c

- added separate Spot Indicator (for NA server)

- removed Chat Scrolling (bugged in 9.7)

- fixed SpotMessanger option: send to team

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v4.3.25 (20-05-2015):

- added Realtime Achievement Announcer (RTAN) by Aim_drol 

- added Advanced Aiming System (still in beta, be warned). Featuring: safeshot, battle assistant, arty sniper mode and X-Ray target lock for standard auto-aim

- updated Hangar manager hangman v1.9.0.1 (DLC garages still req. update)

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v4.3.26 (23-05-2015):

- added option to selected tank highlighter color on tank carousel

- fixed script for uninstalling the modpack, it's now safe to use uninstall function

- updated greek language file by Sirithlhach1

- removed Battle Assistant from AAS (it's not working well. You may try to use external BA instead)

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v4.3.27 (25-05-2015):

- removed Accurate Damage Indicator #5 (bugged)

- updated Hangar-Manager 'HangMan' v1.9.1

- updated Aslain's minimapLines.xc (changed line style)

- fixed options for Minimap Tankview Extended

- fixed Dellux crosshair

- rebranched xvm minimap camera line section

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v4.4.0 (28-05-2015):

- if you cannot find your favorite mod in the list, that means I had to remove it to make the modpack work with WoT 9.8 update - no need to ask them to be re-added!

- expect issues with minimap lines/circles and players panel with CTRL key, something is bugged in XVM for 9.8 

- note: only Aslain's and Best Icons Ever are up to date for 9.8!

- added DamageLog Gambiter v0.1.0 beta

- updated XVM to nighly build 4415

- removed Reload Sounds (up, sabot up.. etc, not compatible with spoter mods)

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v4.4.1 (29-05-2015):

- updated XVM to XVM-6.1.2-beta1

- updated MLG's hit marker mod

- updated Taipan crosshair

- updated ProArty crosshair

- updated Dellux and Sthys minimalistic crosshair

- updated Save login Asia

- updated Received Damage Announcer (continued by PLSiusiak)

- updated Autoaim indicator v0.9.8-20150529

- updated J1mbo contour icons v1.42

- updated Roktaal's Compact Horizontal Techtree

- re-added fixed Deegie's Blue crosshair

- re-added TessuMod

- re-added fixed Gnomefathers' sound mods

- re-added Piciu's War Thunder sounds

- re-added SeaFalcons Damage Panel + Hitlog 

- fixed installing Train Wagon mods by MAS629 and Locastan

- fixed english version of YasenKrasen session stats

- changed position of damage caused & received in Gambiter's damage log

- removed Debug Panel from Harpoon crosshair (bugged)

- removed Melty's Armor calculator (bugged)

- removed Locastan's compass (bugged)

- removed Spotted extended (bugged)

- removed Standard crosshair, with better timer and more (reload counter bugged)

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v4.4.2 (30-05-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly build 4440 (after few tests seem to be better than 6.2.1-beta1)

- updated Gnomefather's Gun sounds v1.9632 (fixed hanging on battle loading)

- updated Gnomefather's Engine sounds v0.62 (fixed some missing sounds)

- updated following contour icons to 9.8: Ashbanes, Qualans, Kodos, Man1aw, mightyosHis, Mikkaavs, Tomsas, Webiums, Witblitzs supermini, Wizards, Pog's Color MAX FSR

- updated Received Damage Announcer v2.1 

- updated Battle Assistant v1.3.1

- updated Melty crosshair to the latest available on Meltys support topic (for me it has bugged reload but if this works for you guys, then no problem - this crosshair is a nighmare to support!!!)

- updated Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

- updated big hot key numbers

- re-added Kodos compact horizontal tech-tree

- re-added Autotelescope 

- added Shtys Damage Panel (Modified By Ephemerich)

- added Minimalistic version of Locastans session stats

- fixed Roktaal's Compact Horizontal Techtree branch

- fixed OverCross crosshair

- fixed errors in FR and PT translations, that caused display wrong text in english translation

- fixed gui_sounds.xml (was bugged since beginning of 9.7, Szarik could not bark etc...)

- note: recent changes in XVM config code made some PlayerPanels look bad/missplaced. Will try to fix it once I finish with adding updated mods to 9.8

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v4.4.3 (31-05-2015):

- updated XVM v6.1.2-rc2

- updated crosshair Hardscope v11.7 fix

- updated contour icons v1.10 by Nikodemsky

- updated Ritterkreuz crew voices v3.5

- updated 15m circle mod

- updated Taipan crosshair

- updated Hangar-Manager 'HangMan' v1.9.1.2

- updated Blue Crosshair

- updated Dumadidak Black Hangar with new hangman version

- updated Damage Log v0.1.1 beta by Gambiter

- updated SafeShot

- added contour icons by SirPuffalot

- added Standard crosshair, with better timer and more

- added Damage Panels similar to zayaz (by unknown person)

- added Arcade-Sniper Switch Lag Fix + Max Farplane by Nikodemsky

- added Mini Damage Panel by Nikodemsky

- added hitzone skins Fire & Ammo Rack by BadBoy78  and Goharu

- added WWIIHWA KT's sounds (guns, hits, engines) by budyx69 (KT left modding WoT)

- fix attempt to Melty crosshair (I know, never ending story, but it's not my fault that mod is not supported, and is acting differently on different computers when using different sights.pyc script - crazy no?)

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v4.4.4 (01-06-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly build 4464

- updated Shtys Damage Panel (Modified By Ephemerich)

- updated PMOD to 0.9.8 #16-2

- updated Master_XH's contour icons

- added XFT hitlog + damagelog v0.15

- added crew icons historical tankmans

- added "I'm spotted" mod (replacement for bugged and probly abondoned SpotMessanger mod)

- added Gun Reload Sound (by Aslain) [incompatible with crew voices: alternative duke 3d, and kapitan bomba]

- added TessuMod settings to automatic backup system

- completly removed any references to gui_sounds.xml (Szarik fix attempt)

- fixed installing SirPuffalot/Kodos icons 

- fixed all PlayersPanel align due to squad icon code change

- removed Team HP Counter Tratatank (not working)

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v4.4.6 (02-06-2015):

- updated Crew Exp Extended v3.12 by spoter

- updated Quests Extended v2.02 by spoter

- updated Vehicle Exp Extended v2.05 by spoter

- updated Direction Indicator Extended v1.10 by spoter

- updated Armoring Extended v1.12 by spoter

- updated Autoaim Extended v2.08 by spoter

- updated PMOD to 0.9.8 #16-3

- updated crosshair Damocles Sword v7.14

- updated SeaFalcons Damage Panel + Hitlog v9.8.2

- updated Damage Announcer v2.2 (split into EU and NA version, be carefull!)

- removed AutoTelescope (bugged, making platoons not ready etc.)

- removed Im spotted mod (need better one)

- replaced obsolete AutoEquip mod with new XVM function called "Equip Auto Return" - removable equipment auto-return (Camouflage net, Stereoscope, Toolbox)

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v4.4.7 (03-06-2015):

- updated XVM to v6.1.2 (again, since XVM made two "same" version that day, the 2nd one is more stable)

- updated SeaFalcons Damage Panel + Hitlog v9.8.3

- updated Jahral's Damage Panel [optimized for 1920x1080]

- updated Taipan crosshair

- added Damage Panel with Angle Indicator and HitLog v9.8.2 |SoloReborn|

- added Locastan's full session stats for 9.8.1

- added Spotted extended v3.03 Light by spoter (hope I translated it well)

- replaced Turret Fix mod with Server turret extended v1.04 by spoter

- renamed mod component AutoEquip to Equip Auto Return

- fixed saving .inf log

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v4.4.8 (04-06-2015):

- added new XVM option: Show alive players count instead of frags on Score Board

- updated SpotMessanger by BirrettaMalefica

- updated Advanced Aiming System by GPCracker

- updated TessuMod-0.5.5

- updated SeaFalcons Damage Panel + Hitlog v9.8.4

- updated Damage Log GambitER 0.1.2 beta

- updated Prudenter contour icons for 9.8

- fixed installing proper files for XFT damage log

- fixed Aslain's contour icons (added missing tanks to modern, modern 3d and classical CB)

- removed damage sticker files from Kriegstreiber's Hit sounds v3.031 (fix to damage stickers)

- note: missing some stats in the after battle window is known issue, caused by WG 9.8 udpate

- note: PlayersPanel enlarging on CTRL key is known issue, caused by WG 9.8 udpate

- note: both issues are not fixable at this moment, rumor says it should be done in upcoming 9.9

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v4.4.9 (05-06-2015):

- updated Armored Extended v1.13

- added: Wide border of maps (light) (side effect: ugly ground textures)

- fixed Blue vs Red color scheme alternative minimal labels

- fixed Green vs. Violet (CB) color scheme on minimap

- fixed Green vs. Orange color scheme on minimap

- fixed spotting icons when installing XFT damage panel + hitlog

- fixed alternative minimap labels

- fixed russian text on english Damage Log Gambiter

- removed Vehicle Exp Extended v2.05 by spoter (causing CTD's)

- removed Autoaim extended v2.08 by spoter (suspected for CTD's)

- note: if you still experience CTD's please remove mods by spoter and see that way if you still crash

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v4.4.10 (05-06-2015):

- updated Advanced Aiming System

- updated BalCalcMod

- added reload counter to XFT damage panel and updates to gambiter's 0.1.2 beta scripts

- added AutoTelescope from 02.06.2015

- added option to enable Battle Assistant that is built into Advanced Aiming System (it's a bit bugged but still requested, so use with care and don't report problems!). Triggered by G key. Note: that if you install AAS, the regular Battle Assistant will be unchecked - to prevent installing them both at the same time. The same with SafeShot for AAS - when you install it, the regular SafeShot will be unchecked.

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v4.4.11 (06-06-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly build 4506 

- added locastans UI mod (beta) [scaling UI elements for 4K resolution] for WoT 9.8.1

- added ReCo's Vertical Techtree by Mike2051 (RVT

- updated YasenKrasen's session stats to

- updated Autoaim indicator+

- updated TORQue contour icons  for WoT 9.8.1 (dirty fix by T0m0n)

- fixed reload timer in XFT damage panel

- removed Dellux crosshair (use Shyts minimalistic sights instead)

- removed italian outdated translation from the installer

- removed custom spg crosshairs - need fixing

- removed all spg crosshairs from J1mbo, except J1mbo's

- removed bugged sights.pyc and replaced with EasyCrosshairs.pyc in following crosshairs: Deegie's, J1mbo's, Shtys, Melty, Mjolnir, Taipan. It's not finished, I will take care of the other crosshairs another day.

- disabled BlueShot (ability to shot at team killer - blue player ) in Advanced Aiming System's SafeShot

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v4.4.12 (07-06-2015):

- updated minimap.xc with new features recently added to XVM (i.e. spg aim icon scale)

- reverted Autoaim indicator+ to previous version

- removed bugged sights.pyc and replaced with EasyCrosshairs.pyc in following crosshairs: Sword of Damocles, Team Rougnecks crosshair, Regular crosshair with reload and more, OverCross, Dellux, Shtys minimalistics, ProArty

- removed bugged crosshairs: Shooters, Zayaz

- re-added custom spg crosshairs branch

- re-added ProArty, and Sword of Damocles spg crosshairs to J1mbo's

- re-added Vehicle Exp Extended v2.05 by spoter

- fixed hitzones branch

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v4.4.13 (08-06-2015):

- updated Selected tank highlighter on XVM carousel (reworked by Aslain)

- updated Torque contour icons for WoT 9.8 (original author, not a dirty fix this time)

- updated xobotyi by galagan contour icons for WoT 9.8

- updated carousel.xc & capturebar.xc with new XVM options (also for future purposes)

- updated crew voices Hallack (PL)

- added LAMP Damage Panel Mod Zaya's Style, Angle Indicator, Center Repair/Crew [optimized for 1920x1080]

- added INSERT key option to XVM minimap zoom

- added Black & White HD minimaps

- added Chat Scrolling (enables chat scroll with mousewheel)

- added Clan Logo Remover, Stickers and Inscriptions Remover & Transparent Camouflage to AFR section

- removed contrabass contour icons (mod outdated, cannot find new version)

- turned off RDA team spam

- corrected position of CaptureBar when Team HP Pool bar mod is being installed due to recent XVM changes

- fixed Pershing icon in Aslain's regular and classical iconset

- reworked AutoTelescope branch (please select your options again)

- info: some crosshairs are still not fixed, I'm aware of some issues, especialy in arty view - no need to report it. This is not my fault, I'm trying to do a job that should be done by crosshair authors, not myself, they should fix their own mods!

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v4.4.14 (09-06-2015):

- updated XVM to nightly build 4509

- updated LAMP Damage Panel  (Switched Repair & Crew positions, Repair Icons are now "Invisible" until needed [crew can't be, limitation]

- updated script for "Standard crosshair with timer and more" (dynamic range finder fixed)

- added WoT Region Editor v2.2

- replaced old updater with Webiums updater mod ("your modpack is old" no more)

- attention! this is a critical update, I found out there were unwanted leftovers from older XVM versions being installed before, that might cause some client stability issues. Clean install is mandatory!

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v4.4.15 (10-06-2015):

- updated Radial Menu script in "Spam" and Marvin options (no more ProTanki crap I hope)

- updated LAMP Damage Panel v3

- removed outdated contour icons by moonio, vito74m and corehorn (authors not responding to my messages too)

- fixed flags and xvm icons (shouldn't get installed without your consent now)

- fixed Artillery sight on the minimap (removed green rectangle while in arty view)

- added/updated some picture previews and links (thanks to Quaksen for helping)

- added Skins with hitzones by KoreanRandom for WoT 9.8

- added Xft DamageLog + split hitlog

- added Seafalcons DamageLog only

- added Arnold Schwarzenegger crew voices, 6th sense icon, and 6th sense sounds by MrBully

- added Vbaddict's ATS and BRR mods (for Active Dossie Uploader)

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v4.4.16 (11-06-2015):

- if you cannot take screenshots with PRTSCR button remove Ally Outlines mod

- updated DebugPanel by Ragnarocek to v27.5.2015

- added Battle Stats by Ragnarocek (new graphics on battle results window)

- added Miku Hangar Mod 2.0 (WGDC ver.) (with integrated hangman like all my garages)

- added BatCave (IGR Tech Hangar) (with integrated hangman like all my garages)

- rebranched few garage mods (please re-check your favorite mods there, in case they were unselected)

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v4.4.17 (12-06-2015):

- updated Multi Hit Log v2.3 - Hitlog, InBattle WN8, Damage Log

- updated Team HP Pool - HP Bar style by Armagomen v1.3.2

- updated LAMP damage panel to v4 [- Finally got the Crew Icon colors just right. - Made the Damage Log text "readable"... wasn't before. - Added the little angle "pee pee" in the front of the tank in the panel. - written by leeuniverse]

- added new spotting icons: bulb #2

- added option: Hide icons for not spotted vehicles

- fixed spotting icon positions (they are perfectly aligned now)

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It is recommended to download the installer again, I just hotfixed it, and reverted XVM to previous one. It was bugging some players panel functions, and who knows what else.... sorry.

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