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v4.2.49 (13-04-2015):

- added new "click" reload sound (I'll change this sound to better one later)

- added new option: medium PlayersPanel with HP Bars and client language flags - thin bars colored by player rating (as requested by Jacke)

- added my old Aslain's mod updater

- removed NotificationBox mod, since it's author couldn't proof it's safe, he tried to hack me instead

- note: the installer will install correct XVMSymbol font since now

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v4.2.50 (14-04-2015):

- changed appearance of PP option: Narrow field, with client language flags 

- added update checking on installer launch

- corrected player name size in all BattleLoading and Stat Tab variants

- removed option: Display Clan Icons - for medium panel with flags (obsolete)

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v4.2.52 (15-04-2015):

- removed Kriegstreiber's Ambience sounds (too big and complicated mod, causing issues every WG minipatch - paths.xml...)

- updated Realtime Achievement Announcer (RTAN) by Aim_drol

- updated Hangar Manager 'HangMan' with few built-in garages

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v4.2.53 (16-04-2015):

- added new "bell" reload sound

- changed rating of Default XVM from XWN8 to WN8

- updated clanMod to v0.9.6.9 (supporting new WG API now)

- updated Colored chat messages YasenKrasen PL, EN (micropatch fix)

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v4.2.54 (17-04-2015):

- added new OTM option: Squad number on the right and tier number on the left side

- replaced Duke Dukem crew sounds with a newer version

- fixed vehicle class icons on default XVM hitlog

- enlarged and moved more to right the Low HP exclamation mark (below 25% hp)

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v4.3.0 (24-04-2015):

- compatible with WoT 9.7

- various mods removed until their authors update them to 9.7

- there might be still some mods that may cause issues in 9.7, yet I'm releasing the modpack because of huge demand, and bugs will be fixed another day

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v4.3.1 (25-04-2015) [FOR 9.7 ONLY!]:

- updated P_MoD #15-2

- updated Hardscope crosshair v11.7

- updated 6 colors rating scale (picture preview still shows old one)

- added MultiHitLog

- added Compact Horizontal Tech Tree

- added couple of WoT Tweaker options

- added White Death skins 1%

- added Gnomefather's engine sounds

- fixed few P_MoD zoom settings

- fixed Reload Sabot UP sound

- removed Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjölnir" (not working in 9.7)

- there seem to be some issue with very long game loading times when Koshnaranek zoom-in is installed

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v4.3.2 (26-04-2015) [FOR 9.7 ONLY!]:

- updated XVM to v6.1.0

- updated Gnomefather's gun sounds v1.96 and engines v0.60

- updated WWIIHWA gun sounds v3.09 and engines v3.03

- updated WoT Region Changer v4.1

- fixed installing Goharu hitzones (do clean-up DLC folder)

- added Locastan's session stats normal and minimalistic

- removed Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle (suspected to be bugged)

- removed Tank gun directions on minimap (suspected to be bugged)


New features on XVM page:



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v4.3.3 (27-04-2015):

- fixed Pershing icon on Aslain's regular and classical iconset

- re-added Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle

- re-added Tank gun directions on minimap

- re-added Mjolnir crosshair

- updated Loretai's xvm config with {{r}} macro

- updated Armoring extended v1.09 by spoter

- updated Autoaim extended v2.05 by spoter

- updated Crew Exp Extended v3.09 by spoter

- updated Direction indicator extended v1.07 by spoter

- updated Quests Extended v1.08 by spoter

- updated Webium's contour icons

- updated Prudenter's contour icons

- updated Druid's contour icons

- updated Contrabass' contour icons

- removed rating type selection from installer (now you can set it on XVM website http://www.xvmmod.com )

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v4.3.5 (29-04-2015):

- added WoT replay manager

- added Roktaal's Compact Horizontal Techtree

- added OTM Reload (Show reload of all tanks)

- added Progress Indicator Text Mod

- added Piciu's War Thunder Gun Sounds

- added Piciu's War Thunder Engine Sounds

- updated Armoring extended v1.10 by spoter

- updated J1mbo's contour icons

- updated xobotyi by galagan contour icons

- updated Ashbane contour icons

- updated Tomsas contour icons

- updated Wizards contour icons

- updated mightyjosHis contour icons

- updated PogS contour icons

- updated Best Icons Ever by Grandorf

- updated Corehorn's contour icons

- updated Skins of destroyed vehicles (with 4 options)

- updated Spotted extended v2.04 by spoter 

- updated YasenKrasen session stats and colored messages v0.9.7.1

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v4.3.6 (30-04-2015):

- added new XVM hangar option: Enable gold locker

- added new XVM hangar option: Enable Free XP locker

- added new XVM hangar option: Change default currency from gold to credits

- added new Battle Assistant option: triggered by both 'G' and 'Mouse4' button

- added Artillery sight on the minimap

- added Turret Fix

- updated Quests Extended v2.00 by spoter

- updated Vehicle Exp Extended v2.02 by spoter

- updated Tank gun directions on minimap

- updated AutoAim Indication+

- fixed back-up of YasenKrasen session stats cache

- removed Spot Indicator (abondoned)

- removed Advanced Aiming System (need more tests for stability)

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v4.3.7 (01-05-2015):

- added Roktaal Compact Horizontal Techtree

- added Czech translation of the installer by Ameli1-cz

- added DeathMatch announcer

- replaced OTM Reload with ZJ Marker Re-Load

- removed crosshairs that under certain circumstances were causing CTD right after loading to battle: KT crosshairs, Harpoon crosshairs, Optic TRG

- re-added Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle (author suddenly changed his mind and updated it)

- updated Spot Messanger 9.7

- updated Kodos compact horizontal tech-tree

- fixed order of tanks on carousel, for now it matches EU server

- expect many crosshairs to have bugs with reloading, sitghs.pyc needs to be updated and there is only couple of mods that do not requires that

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v4.3.8 (01-05-2015):

- fixed installing lcastans hd minimap and spg crosshair on minimap

- fixed czech language selection in the installer

- fixed installing KT hit sounds and engine sounds

- updated Ally Outlines Always

- updated Locastans hd minimap

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v4.3.9 (02-05-2015):

- updated XVM to nighly build 4245

- updated Radial Menu python script

- updated UT Announcer Gen2

- updated Dellux crosshair (doesn't depend on sights.pyc since now)

- following mods were removed due to uncertain stability: Allied silouhettes by Locastan, Direction indicator extended by spoter, AutoAim Indication+, Spotted extended by spoter, Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle, Autoaim extended by spoter, Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle

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v4.3.10 (03-05-2015):

- updated XVM to nighly build 4255

- updated Aslain's contour icons Classical and Regular (added missing tanks)

- updated SPG crosshair on minimap mod

- updated Chat filter & antispam v2.7.7

- updated Hangar Calculator by AntonVK

- updated Shtys Minimalistic Sights

- updated Deegie's crosshair with protanki script

- updated Standard crosshair, with better timer and more with protanki script

- added Autoaim indicator+ (0.9.7-20150502)

- added ADU scripts (vbaddict)

- added Minimap Tankview Extended by Krzysztof_Chodak

- added Direction indicator extended v1.07 by spoter

- added TessuMod 0.5.3 (WOT/Teamspeak integration mod)

- removed Mod ESL v3.1 (no garage button, waiting for update)

- had no choice and added protanki script, because some crosshair makers are using it now. Expect russian spam window telling lies about using script without permission (they gave permission to mod authors, but still display this spam window, so be warned!). Currently following crosshairs are using this script: Shtys minimalistic sights, Deegie's crosshairs, Standard crosshair, with better timer and more.

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v4.3.11 (04-05-2015):

- added Arcade-Sniper Switch Lag Fix + Max Farplane

- added Minimap Tankview Extended (0.9.7-20150503) by Krzysztof_Chodak

- added Harpoon v3 crosshair beta version for 9.7

- added Miku Hangar Mod 2.0 (WGDC ver.)

- updated ProArty crosshair

- reworked the 6th sense sound installing code (internal changes)

- fixed auto reset of YasenKrasen session stats option

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v4.3.12 (05-05-2015):

- updated XVM to nighly build 4262

- updated Madagascar - Alternative version (PL lang.)

- updated WoT Tweaker (added missing options)

- updated Torque contour icon mod 9.7

- updated sights.pyc one more time

- updated crosshair Harpoon 3 Full version

- added Spotted extended v2.05 by spoter

- fixed Aslain's 3D contour icons 

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v4.3.13 (06-05-2015):

- updated XVM to nighly build 4267

- added lgfrbcsgo's Improved Lighting Mod

- added Qualan's contour icons

- added Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky

- added Mod ESL v3.3

- removed RTAN by Aim_drol (malfunctioning)

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v4.3.14 (07-05-2015):

- updated XVM to nighly build 4272

- updated Piciu's War Thunder Gun Sounds v1.86

- updated contrabass contour icons revised 9.7

- updated lgfrbcsgo's Improved Lighting Mod v0.9.7.3

- updated Enhanced HD Minimaps Gen. 4 (97c)

- updated Allied silouhettes by Locastan (97b)

- updated Spot Messanger (6.5.2015)

- fixed script for Melty's crosshair

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v4.3.15 (08-05-2015):

- updated XVM v6.1.1

- updated Colored Damage Stickers to 9.7 (also added new ones)

- updated Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky

- replaced Dellux crosshair config with previous one (older)

- added angles indicator to DamagePanel Gambiter (credits to Qualan for helping)

- added Team HP Counter by Tratatank

- added Harpoon v2.1 crosshair (ru)

- added ProArty option to J1mbo's crosshair

- removed Allied silouhettes by Locastan (bugged, http://bit.ly/1IVnjSL)

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v4.3.16 (10-05-2015):

- fixed empty flags appearance

- fixed installing Harpoon2

- added Duke Nukem Voice (alternative version)

- added hitzones by Dendyt

- added Bat Cave hangar

- updated Crew Exp Extended v3.10

- updated LegendarySpecies' TwoStepsFromHell Music Mod (now with hangar music and more songs)
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v4.3.17 (11-05-2015):

- fixed Pershing tier in Aslain's classical and regular icons

- fixed hp circles on the minimap option

- added 3 new options to alternative minimap (player names, colored player names, rating)

- added No Fog option for Improved Lighting Mod

- updated Radial menu mod

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v4.3.18 (12-05-2015):

- corrected font size on the alt minimap (from 8px to 7px)

- fixed squad number appearance

- updated default xvm config files

- updated Locastan's hd minimap images

- added crew voices Space Marine by Varatesh (Warhammer 40k)

- added contour icons by Master_XH (ru)

- added Fire & Ammo Rack hitzones by BadBoy78 (not updated to 9.7)

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v4.3.19 (13-05-2015):

- updated Wizards contour icons

- removed ProSights.pyc, not working properly with mods by spoter

- removed crosshair ProArty (not working without ProSights)

- reworked whole crew voices branch (new order and look)

- added Sights.pyc to following crosshairs: Deegie's, Minimalistic Sights, Standard with Timer

- added WoT Tweaker Plus v1.2 application

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v4.3.20 (14-05-2015):

- updated Sights.pyc in all crosshairs to the newest version from Phantasm_RU

- added expected_tank_values.json v20 (12th May 2015) 

- added Mjornir crosshair v3

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