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v4.0.6 (07-11-2014):

- updated XVM to official (online activation fix)

- updated Replay Manager

- added KT's gunsounds v3.04 and engines v2.07prev

- removed Spotmessanger (requires an update)

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v4.0.7 (07-11-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3407

- updated KT's engines v2.07

- added Radial Menu (changed paths)

- added 9sec 6th sense icon display

- added Crew voice mods

- added Skins of destroyed vehicles

- changed MultiHitlog (minimal) font size and position

- enabled lgfrbcsgo's Improved Lighting Mod

- enabled Colored Messages

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v4.0.8 (08-11-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3411

- updated YasenKrasen

- updated Team Roughneck's Gunsights v4b

- updated KT's gunsounds v3.05

- updated KT's engines v2.08

- updated PMOD (zoom x48 and x60)

- updated WoT Tweaker to 9.4

- updated No Fog by Artasan to 9.4

- added Hitzones by goharu

- added Easy crew voice selector

- YasenKrasen session stats will ignore Stronghold mode from now

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v4.0.9 (08-11-2014):

- updated PogS contour icons 9.4

- updated Jackhammers contour icons 9.4

- updated man1aq contour icons 9.4

- updated J1mbo contour icons 9.4

- updated Nikodemsky contour icons 9.4

- updated Webium contour icons 9.4

- added Gnome's gun sounds and engine sounds 9.4

- added the 9.1 CT gun sounds for 9.4

- added the 9.4 CT gun sounds for 9.4

- added Czterej Pancerni crew voices (PL lang.)

- fixed installing Aslain's experimental contour icons

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v4.0.10 (09-11-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3412

- updated Crew Exp Extended

- updated YasenKrasen session stats 0,.9.4.3

- removed Gnome's sound mods (bugged, game hanging)

- added Dellux crosshair

- added Server crosshair

- added Dumadidak Cracked Hangar (with hangar change button)

- replaced koshnaranek scripts with P_Mod

- changed hangar pinger position

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v4.0.11 (09-11-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3419

- updated Multi Hit Log v.1.9e

- updated Gnome's gun sounds v1.9451 and enabled engines

- updated KT's hitsounds v2.61_94

- repositioned the pinger again

- removed unwanted modules from P_Mod

- fixed PogS contour icons (missing obj.263)

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v4.0.12 (10-11-2014):

- updated Advanced tips for skills (PL lang. only)

- updated sights.pyc 

- added Skins with hitzones from Dendyt 

- added PL translation to Crew Exp Extended mod

- enabled German translation (installer)

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v4.0.13 (11-11-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3422

- fixed after death camera position

- fixed mouse click repairing in Zayaz damage panel

- added ModESL v1.6

- added KT's turret traverse sounds v1.67

- added KT's gun sounds v2.60 retro

- added KT's engine sounds v2.10

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v4.0.14 (12-11-2014):

- added fancy blue server crosshair

- added option for custom spg crosshair

- added White tank tracks when disabled

- replaced No Fog by Artasan with Mav's Ultra Fog Remover

- removed custom options for J1mbo crosshair

- updated TORQue Contour Mod v1.7

- updated Kodos contour icons to 9.4

- updated Artillery sight on the minimap 9.4

- updated armor calculator mod

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v4.0.15 (14-11-2014):

- updated XVM to official

- updated TessuMod 0.4.0 (WOT/Teamspeak integration mod)

- updated Top 150 clans icons (2014.11.13)

- updated Radial Menu Mod (and it's configs)

- updated Kriegstreiber's Turret Traverse Sounds v1.68

- added Colored messages by YasenKrasen PL

- added Batcave hangar

- replaced White dead tanks with different version

- removed Crew Exp Extended (hanging the game sometimes)

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v4.0.16 (14-11-2014):

- updated Sword of Damocles 7.12

- updated ReCo's Vertical Techtree v9.4.4

- updated Mod ESL v1.7 

- updated custom installer languages

- updated Multi Hit Log v.1.9f

- added new option to Multi Hit Log section

- added Kodos compact horizontal tech-tree v1.1

- fixed installing Progress Indicator Text Mod by drhideg

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v4.0.17 (15-11-2014):

- akt. Received Damage Announcer v2.5

- akt. UT Announcer Pack gen.2 94a

- akt. Locastan's session stats 94a

- dodano skórki z hitzonami od KoreanRandom

- dodano rozbudowane statystyki sesji od Locastana

- dodano zielony celownik serwerowy

- przeniesiono wskaźnik zooma z P_mod bardziej w prawo

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v4.0.18 (18-11-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3428

- updated KT's gun sounds v3.06 

- added Arcade-Sniper Switch Lag Fix + Max Farplane

- added Miku Hangar Mod 2.0 (WGDC ver.) by Parking Area Team

- changed Bat Cave hangar to a better version

- changed hangar's clock color to more brighter one

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v4.0.19 (19-11-2014):

- added Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle mod

- added Autoaim indication mod

- added Team HP Pool Bar - style by Armagomen

- added new option HP bars #2 on medium players panel

- added Spot Messanger

- updated XVM to nightly 3431

- updated YasenKrasen session stats v0.9.4.4 ENG

- changed BalCalMod activation key from F to Q

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v4.0.20 (21-11-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3433

- updated Taipan crosshair

- updated Kriegstreiber's Crosshair "Mjölnir" v2.99c

- corrected Capture Bar position when Team HP Pools mod is installed

- added shadow effect to expD minimal

- added Premium hangar option (with change button)

- added another option for wotlabs 10 colors rating scale

- added new nuke option for floating markings of destroyed vehicles (by LegendaryStoners)

- fixed hangar change button in Miku's hangar

- since now, the installer will always perform clean install 

(so if you want to have custom things in your res_mods, use Aslains_Custom_mods system instead)

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v4.0.21 (23-11-2014):

- fixed players panel macros on certain options (aka rating color fix)

- tuned up the hp bars #2 on medium panel

- updated KT's gun sounds v3.07

- updated KT's hit sounds v3.0

- added KT's hit sounds v3.0 (with loud tracers)

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v4.0.23 (27-11-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3436

- updated spanish installer translation (by JuanKaMas)

- updated french installer translation (by Sebchoubi)

- updated german installer translation (by j0815h)

- updated dutch installer translation (by MrBully)

- updated YasenKrasen colored messages PL

- updated AutoAim indication+ mod

- added few missing lines to german xvm language file (wasn't my bug)

- added custom spg crosshairs branch to default wot crosshair

- added ProArty spg crosshair (PL lang.) to custom spg crosshairs branch

- fixed various errors in english translation caused by the other translators

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v4.0.24 (28-11-2014):

- added new branch: Show vehicle tier on the minimap (with ALT key) 

- added new branch: Player's Panel background transparency 

- added Witblitz Contour Mod - Super Mini

- added Corehorn IconSet mod (previously IXCI)

- added the 6th sense seal icon

- fixed critical issue with the clean install (now it cleans up everything)

- fixed german installer language file

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v4.0.27 (02-12-2014):

- updated XVM to nightly 3443

- added English Crew Skill Tips By Roughneck

- added Crew voices Teksty Hallacka zamiast załogi (PL lang.)

- added Crew voices by vito74m (PL lang.)

- added Crew voices Top Gear

- added Hit sounds by vito74m

- added new option: Play the "UP" sound when your gun is reloaded

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v4.0.28 (03-12-2014):

- returned to koshnaranek scripts (Pmod only for x48 and x60 zooms)

- updated Deegie’s Sights GKstd Remake v7.5

- updated AutoAim indication mod

- added Battle Assistant mod (arty PoV changer)

- fixed YasenKrasen EN ignored battle types

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v4.0.29 (05-12-2014):

- updated XVM to

- updated Top 150 clans (2014.12.05)


Note: current version for 9.5 CT has missing icons for new tanks, will add them later, if the iconmaker will work with CT.

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Updated the 9.5 CT xvm only version to v4.0.29.2:

- vehicle icons replaced back with my regular icons updated to 9.5

- xvm updated to 3455


Added the 9.5 CT Modpack installer v4.0.29:

- updated XVM do nightly 3455

- updated AutoAim+ (possible fix to CW battle issues)

- updated my all contour icons (added 25 new tanks)

- the CB icons from me are disconntinued (no update)

- temporary removed many mods

- possible issues with the minimap (try to play with in-game settings)

- the icon contour mods from the others will be lacking of new tanks


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Updated the 9.5 CT xvm only version to v4.0.29.2:

- updated XVM to nightly 3470

- xvm config updated (for spotting icons)


Added the 9.5 CT Modpack installer v4.0.29.1:

- updated XVM to nightly 3470

- updated AutoAim+  (CW fix attempt)
- rewritten all configs to support recent changes in spotting icons
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