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  1. Shaggy SixthSense Icon

    Here is a cool SixthSense icon if you want to add it too your mod pak Aslaing . Shaggy from Scooby_Doo.
  2. Hanger clock covering the date

    Thank you Aslain! Your the best!
  3. Hanger clock covering the date

    Here it is Aslain sorry it took so long . I wasnt sure how to do this but think i got it. Hope it helps.
  4. Sight and icon bugs in 9/17/1

    Further update i seemed to have solved problem. I deleted game cache and as well DLC cache too. I no longer have the Common Test folder in the res_mods folder. I did delete the DLC with the very first update. I really don't know what happened but it seems to be fixed.
  5. Sight and icon bugs in 9/17/1

    Sorry i went to bed after working nights before i could read your message. The only thing i didn't try was to clean up WOT cache. I will try that for modpack #4 . Here are the logs. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  6. Sight and icon bugs in 9/17/1

    I downloaded new modpack 9.17.1 #3 and it is still creating a Common Test folder. I have selected to clean mods in res_mods folder as always. I know when they update game you are extremely busty trying to find updated mods and fix problems. No worries all is good! Just wanted help pass along information to you and others.
  7. Sight and icon bugs in 9/17/1

    The contour icons are being installed in a folder Common Test. If you copy the file ( gui ) inside folder folder this is a quick fix till Aslains gets it fixed.
  8. Game Crashes when pressing Alt+Tab

    Yes with my previous Nvidia video driver i did not have this problem. I able to run SLi but i did notice it seemed to take longer to go to desktop but did not crash. Beta drivers can be hit or miss. I prefer to use recommended drivers.
  9. Game Crashes when pressing Alt+Tab

    I tried the new mod update and check consumables_panels section . Removed some to see if it would help. I checked my setting for toggle on/off sever crosshair as bubs79 has suggested but I wasn't using this feature. I believe now I solved my problem and it has to do with the Nvidia driver update 378.49 while running SLi. I had no problems with previous driver when I forced frame rendering to second card. But with new driver update I would get a crash. I read online some games had problems running new driver in SLi . When I changed setting Sli rendering to SINGLE GPU and ran game this stopped my PC crashes. I have heard in past that WOT was not Sli friendly . Alt + Tab now several time . Makes me a Happy Camper. Cause I'm Canadian and like to camp.
  10. Game Crashes when pressing Alt+Tab

    Yes that what i figured. But Ive only had it crash trying to get back to desktop when pressing Alt+Tab when I'm in garage. First was game micro patch and then new Nvidia driver updated followed possibly one of these is problem . I'm also running Asus 970GTX Sli. Could be anything. Thanks for you help Aslain !
  11. This seemed to start since the new micro patch was put out . When pressing Alt+Tab to return to the desktop game freezes with a black screen and PC restarts. Just like getting a blue screen of death. I am using the latest mod pack. Video drivers are up to date. This does not seem to happen every time but is random. Might not even be mod related but I'm not sure. Cleaning Aslain's cache did not solve the problem. Everything in game seems to be working good. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  12. No clip indicator for autoloaders.

    Are you using extra zoom indicator ? This caused an issue in a previous update.
  13. Missing lipstick

    Are you using Battle shell cool down buttons? I believe this is causing problem. I took them out and working again.
  14. Shells not sorting

    Had a similar problem too. Check when you go to exterior in garage . See if you can only paint camo no emblems or inscriptions. I noticed that too. Do you have Battle shell cool down buttons installed? I removed that and Gun Constraints . But I thinks its the battle shell buttons since gun constraints have been updated. Sorry i don't have logs.
  15. HARDscope - Found Fix

    Thanks for all the Great work Aslain ! I've been using your modpak not for about 3 years now. I really prefer yous over others because you keep your constantly up to date and have so many different variations. Like your classic angel wings! I've used HARDscope in the past in previous WOT versions but were able to change the sights and scope shadow by going in to game settings / reticle. I have found a solution yesterday on a Russian WOT forum. Here I found link to download called 'Menu of sights" when translated. I tested this out and was able to change Russian sights to German and reduce then scope shadow . Game ran fine with no problems. Here i will provide the web page and download link to help you or any else out interested. http://forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/topic/1229310-091511-hardscope-исторические-прицелы-upd-21082016/ Download Menu of sights : Google Drive