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  1. Several time when I go to shut down my game it seems to freeze and image stays there. Unable to run task manager because when i do i can see it only image. I am able to get to my task bar and start button by guessing location. Restart , Shutdown and log off seems to get rid of the image. It started in a previous modpak. Went away and came back again. Also XVM works just after running modpak and few games later it stops. Sorry i lost image . But its T-34-85 where it asks you if want to exit or not. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  2. Thanks Aslain ! That really sucks when someone has to do this to a mod to benefit them self or to capitalize and make some sort of profit with malware/adware. I have 3 accounts and really liked having this mod making things a whole lot easier.
  3. Thanks Arkhorse! I guess Malwarebytes Premium didn't catch it . I'm removing it from my game .
  4. Oh NO! I scanned it with Malwarebytes and Kaspersky and found nothing. Scanned game before and after running nothing. I installed and it working i didn't get any popups or nothing out of ordinary. I will uninstall then thanks Aslain.
  5. Hi Aslain ! Is this the Account manager by PolarFox the one that has Malware / Adware ? http://www.pkmods.com/account-manager-by-polarfox/
  6. I think it not mods . I got it too and my tank was back in garage when it crashed . There is a post in the WOT forum about this too . People getting crashes with no mods as well. http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/580122-baseapp-crash-purchased-premium-days-and-have-time-off-and-now-cannot-play-what-a-waste-of-premium-days-spent/page__p__11686276#entry11686276
  7. Here is a cool SixthSense icon if you want to add it too your mod pak Aslaing . Shaggy from Scooby_Doo.
  8. Here it is Aslain sorry it took so long . I wasnt sure how to do this but think i got it. Hope it helps.
  9. Further update i seemed to have solved problem. I deleted game cache and as well DLC cache too. I no longer have the Common Test folder in the res_mods folder. I did delete the DLC with the very first update. I really don't know what happened but it seems to be fixed.
  10. Sorry i went to bed after working nights before i could read your message. The only thing i didn't try was to clean up WOT cache. I will try that for modpack #4 . Here are the logs. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  11. I downloaded new modpack 9.17.1 #3 and it is still creating a Common Test folder. I have selected to clean mods in res_mods folder as always. I know when they update game you are extremely busty trying to find updated mods and fix problems. No worries all is good! Just wanted help pass along information to you and others.
  12. The contour icons are being installed in a folder Common Test. If you copy the file ( gui ) inside folder folder this is a quick fix till Aslains gets it fixed.
  13. Yes with my previous Nvidia video driver i did not have this problem. I able to run SLi but i did notice it seemed to take longer to go to desktop but did not crash. Beta drivers can be hit or miss. I prefer to use recommended drivers.
  14. I tried the new mod update and check consumables_panels section . Removed some to see if it would help. I checked my setting for toggle on/off sever crosshair as bubs79 has suggested but I wasn't using this feature. I believe now I solved my problem and it has to do with the Nvidia driver update 378.49 while running SLi. I had no problems with previous driver when I forced frame rendering to second card. But with new driver update I would get a crash. I read online some games had problems running new driver in SLi . When I changed setting Sli rendering to SINGLE GPU and ran game this stopped my PC crashes. I have heard in past that WOT was not Sli friendly . Alt + Tab now several time . Makes me a Happy Camper. Cause I'm Canadian and like to camp.
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