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  1. Another mod i made for myself, thought others might like it too. Like Hakabase's rangefinder mods with the colored bold text. I just thought the colors didn't blend in well enough with the rest of my UI and crosshair, so i made this, original color, but in the much needed bold. Haven't posted it anywhere else, so you can have first pick at it. Just include my nick P.S Dunno if you want it, but i have some pretty nice customizations i've made to Badobest's markers, and W03L0BED's to make them work in unison, better than they do separate. Could post some screenies if so, but i don't know if it's possible with your installer. -X33STORM Rangefinder White Bold - X33STORM.rar
  2. X33STORM

    Stuck on loading-battle, have to Alt+F4

    Not positive on this, but it could be a big factor that i keep rar'ed backup copies of older revisions in my res_mods. When removing the backups i keep anywhere in res_mods, it doesn't happen just as much, i think, maybe. But only files in the structure should be registered in res_mods, and those files should be basically invisible.. If i'm not wrong ofc.
  3. So since the dawn of time, i've had this problem with getting stuck on the loading battle screen, where the "enter battle" button doesn't appear, and i have to Alt+F4 and re-open the game. It's a rare bug normally, but heavily modded it seems to be immensely worse! Currently it happens every few battles, and also seems worsened by alt+tabbing out while the waiting in queue. A common "fix" is to the delete the preferences.xml, clearing settings from any old mods. But testing has proved this to be useless in my case. I think maybe lowering graphics such as shadows, reflections and rendering quality improves on it a bit. But nothing that really measures up as a fix.. Without removing my mods, that is. I was hoping anyone had some insight into this problem, as it really dampens my spirit to have to do this ordeal over and over. One interesting note, when you mess up a bit of code, the game will tell you by stalling at the loading screen, messing up the graphics usually... Included my USSExpressionsLoader.xml and battle_elements.xml to give an idea of what mods im running. InfoPanelSelf, is disabled because i suspect it worsens it.. Considering the UI engine in this game, it could very well be an "interface overload" im thinking, too many elements simply. -X33STORM USSExpressionsLoader.xml battle_elements.xml
  4. Just wanted to share these custom graphics i made for running lights, hoped you might include them in your pack. Done a lot of custom stuff i just use myself, but i find these are really nifty compared to the default and custom ones, so i wanted to share them. Haven't posted them anywhere else, so you have first pick I'm on EU server, and those mod boards are pretty much deserted, so figured i'd have better luck here. Here they are: Goes best with running lights using the following settings: <glow color="0x4f4f4f" alpha="0.0" x="3" y="3" strength="0"/> <!--shadow color="0x00FF00" alpha="0.0" x="5" y="5" strength="0" angle="60" distance="10"/--> Also btw, if you should want, you have every permission to use my Red vs Blue tracers, already included in the Proships modpack. Thanks for all your work on your great pack. -X33STORM X33STORM-Running_Lights.rar
  5. A faulty line of code or mod will manifest in being stuck at the loading screen.
  6. When SmokeIndicator.swf is installed the on screen icons like ally/enemy/bases etc lag when the camera is turning from side to side. Verified by removing and re-adding it from USSExpressionsLoader.xml.
  7. The texture AO errors 404 when trying to download it.. Must be missing from server, my connection and other mods download fine. Aslains_WoWs_Modpack_Installer_v.6.7.0_02
  8. X33STORM

    alt_minimap - How to use different font="" ?

    Ahh that sucks, but thanks for clearing that up. Would've really liked different fonts for this game or UI scaling at least.. Even on 1080p the ship names are nearly unreadable on the tactical map.. And game is unplayable at 4k
  9. I've been unable to find the correct syntax to use different fonts, and hoped someone might be able to help me out as to what to write if i fx want Tahoma or Segoe UI as a font? I'm speaking of the following in settings.xml <text format="%name%" color="0xFFFFFF" size="13" length="12" font="$WWSDefaultFontBold"> Where the font= is what i want changed..
  10. X33STORM

    Detailed Damage Indicator issue

    Right, i don't speak a word of russian and google translate only goes so far.. And sadly my EU user don't work on US and RU forums. Sadly the EU forums are dead as fuck, but your forums here seem to be much more active and helpful. Thanks for the great work collecting and updating these countless mods!
  11. X33STORM

    Detailed Damage Indicator issue

    I completely reinstalled the game and voila, works as it should.. Now to add all my other mods to find out what was interfering.. Installing all my mods fresh, only copying over minimap and battle layout, it works as it should.. Dunno what it could have been then.
  12. X33STORM

    Detailed Damage Indicator issue

    Btw, where is the development thread for this mod? I've searched the RU, US and EU forums for it but can't find it anywhere.. Except for this very outdated one: https://forum.worldofwarships.ru/topic/75006-all-счетчик-нанесенного-урона/
  13. X33STORM

    Detailed Damage Indicator issue

    Thing is, i've already tried that.. Removing all mods, preferences.xml and profiles folder.. Still, same thing! added 1 minute later It couldn't be a problem in battle_elements.xml right? Or the unrelated battle_layout.xml, to which i've customized a great deal myself..
  14. X33STORM

    Detailed Damage Indicator issue

    I too have an issue with the damage of each ship not appearing, only total damage.
  15. To elaborate, it is very simply.. Super Sampling This happens when Super Sampling is enabled in the Nvidia Control Panel...

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