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  1. R1031

    [] MeltyElement's Effective Armor & Crosshair Mod

    I was mistaken on the Crosshair Protractor Mod, it was the "accurate Damage indicator" and not the Crosshair Protractor Mod. There was one working a couple updates ago and was colored yellow. Is this part working?
  2. R1031

    [] MeltyElement's Effective Armor & Crosshair Mod

    The EAC works fine but I don't have the Crosshair Protractor Mod. I did not check the TD and SPG box, should I do that to get it working? I also unchecked Meltys SPG crosshair.
  3. R1031

    [] MeltyElement's Effective Armor & Crosshair Mod

    Glad it's back! Enjoying the Effective Armor Calculator.
  4. Stats do work in both type battles.
  5. Not showing the total at bottom of screen, remains 0 Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  6. Worked in standard battle but never got a grand to test.
  7. Server side reticle ( fancy blue) and In battle WN8 Cal not working. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. I thought it was clan icon until I seen it on different tanks not same clan, something new in xvm?
  9. I'm using v.9.18.0_09 pack and can't use small repair kit on engine or turret. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  10. I do both but most of the time I use mouse to click damaged equipment. added 8 minutes later I just tried using keyboard only and it works, mouse point and click don't.
  11. R1031

    Request option to remove Windowed mode

    Yes, I'd love to get a update with a non-broken game.
  12. Not sure if it can be don't but would like a mode to keep game in Full Screen mode. Every time I Alt-Tab to desktop and return I'm in Windowed mode from the Full screen I use.
  13. I just had this start with v9.18.0 #2 and #3 where I get a 2nd log covering the Default XVM Hitlog. I'm not sure where the 2nd log comes from but here is a pic of it. I only want the Default XVM Hitlog.
  14. Thank you, and I edited the OP, it was Default and not Version #1.
  15. Ok here are the logs. Thanks! Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  16. R1031

    Melty crosshair

    Glad it returned in rollback v9.17.1 #32 (29-03-2017) much better version.
  17. R1031

    Melty crosshair

    The new Melty in v9.17.1 #31 (28-03-2017) is different from v9.17.1 #29 (23-03-2017): Much like the version in #29 better with green impact point when fully aimed and all blue numbers.
  18. The view direction line from tank to target not visible after death as it was visible before. Makes it hard to report direction where arty shot came from.
  19. Which logs do you need? Also I found if I mouse click to another tank after death to spectate and click back to my dead tank I then have view dir. line.

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