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  1. Tinkicker

    Reserve tanks become unmarked as reserve

    As I should have suspected, I can't force the bug no matter what combination of selections at the end of the modpack I try. It's never that easy. It's working now, so I'll just be watchful and try to catch anything I do differently that may cause it. Thanks for the advice.
  2. Tinkicker

    Reserve tanks become unmarked as reserve

    I think you've hit it. On the last page I always delete downloaded files, previous mods, the python item, and one other there with those I can't remember. I'm not using a machine I can run it on right now, so I'll have to check tomorrow when I have time. I'll set some reserve tanks, run the installer, see if that clears them, then do it again with nothing selected on that last screen to see what happens.
  3. Tinkicker

    Reserve tanks become unmarked as reserve

    There is no reserve.dat there, possibly because I haven't tried to assign tanks to reserve since the last episode. It gets tiresome doing it over and over. The only file there is filters.dat. Maybe it's being deleted somehow?
  4. This seems to happen whenever there are custom garage backgrounds in place by WG, like during the soccer tournament and way back in the last Halloween campaign, even if I've got my background set to the standard garage. I can assign tanks to reserve and when I restart the game the reserve tag is gone and they're all in the main view again. Has anyone else run up on this?
  5. Tinkicker

    Tree/bush camo value

    Thank you for answering Aslain.
  6. Tinkicker

    Tree/bush camo value

    Since we are now seeing many more specific types of flora, I think it would be useful to have a mod displaying over every camouflaging tree and bush (and maybe other stuff like vehicles if they contribute) their camouflage value. That would help you quickly access whether the bush you're behind is real camo or not.
  7. Waiting for him to reply. I'll post it here.
  8. I contacted goofy67. Maybe he'll reply.
  9. Hey, guys. I've searched for info on this and couldn't find anything relevant, so if you know of an applicable post I missed please direct me there. If not...when I select a different hanger in hangman it never sticks. I can save it either through the hangman app or through the mod manager and it will stay for the duration of my day's play. Next day it's gone back to the standard premium garage again. This happened to me before a few months ago, resolved itself, and has now started up again. I delete and completely reinstal all mods in the modpack every time I update which is every day.
  10. Tinkicker

    Get BANNED...

    Banned player: "What did I do wrong, WG?" WG: "Trust us...you can't be trusted." Banned player: "But what is the problem? Which mod is illegal?" WG: "Trust us...you can't be trusted." Banned player: "That's no answer! What did I do?!?" WG: "Trust us...you can't be trusted." Ad infinitum, ad nauseum... Not that anyone will miss my average self, but WG will miss my $$$. Seems a waste of money to spend any on WoT if I can't enjoy it. This treatment of the player base may be legal under their rules, but of course that doesn't make it right. It has, however, greatly increased my appreciation and fun level in both War Thunder and Armored Warfare.
  11. Tinkicker

    Tank view direction legal again?

    Too many cooks spoils the broth.
  12. Tinkicker


    Aslain, I suggest, "Aslain's edit (red dots are for autoloaders)"
  13. Tinkicker

    WarGamings Fair Play Policy

    Agreed, but you know how it is when doing the circle of death at top speed...center mass is awesome when flanking. And it can be good head-on with KV's too...
  14. Tinkicker

    High Ping?

    Could be a lot of things really, Chuck. Try logging off, then right back on several times. You'll probably get a whole range of ping rates just like I do. Once you see your high-low range, just take a little while longer before you get in to play to log in/out until you get to your best ping. I do it and it makes a big difference. In my quest for better ping I discovered that there are several NA servers, and you randomly get one every time you log in. Doesn't happen according to your proximity. It's a toss-up.
  15. Tinkicker

    WarGamings Fair Play Policy

    Castamir, I feel your pain. I'm "only" 47, but the snap-to-target is my saving grace in my lights, or really in any tank where you're facing more than one enemy at a time. Let's you quickly alternate your fire if need be! I'll never be a unicum...don't care to be because I have real-world responsibilities that are slightly more important than pushing pixels...but feeling effective on the field is good for anybody at any skill. I guess WG doesn't need the hundreds of $$$ I've sent their way. Let the rich teens and college students fund them. Have they ever considered that just like with snap-to, your real life vision works peripherally? If I glance a real life enemy out of the corner of my eye, I can physically lock on in real life. I don't have to point my eyes straight at a real target in order to do that. Shouldn't have to in a game either. It would help if they'd just enlarge the target registration area...like a few meters beyond the silhouette in all directions.

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