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  1. 6TH SENSE iNSTALLED _v.1.0.0_08 and it worked again
  2. KG_PH

    Black screen!!!

    I installe dmod aand all is ok
  3. KG_PH

    Wot in polish ?

    I found in my log but its unchecked now. when I unchecked varrius mods it must be unchecked THanks for help KG_PH U can close it
  4. KG_PH

    Wot in polish ?

    Check tread =not worked still polish. Removed otm byxvm-chat modds-info panel-debug panel-damage panel-none xvm hitlog-otm reload - tech tree-sound mods-text skin pack-varius mods = and I get english! Installed def xvm hitlog-allseeing eye-arty sight 1 -dam log aslain= ok again I dont test all removed what cause it to be polish bu now I have english. Something mustmake it wrong. Thanks for god mod. KG_PH
  5. KG_PH

    Wot in polish ?

    I marked as english and I get polish. NOt want polish but english
  6. KG_PH

    Wot in polish ?

    After v9.15.1.05 wot is in polish not english. OK in safe mode. KG_PH _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log polish.docx python.log
  7. Install and I get wot in polish.

    Tried to reinstall wot same result

    tried to install 9,15,1,04 = same ????


  8. KG_PH

    Installing error

    9.13.27 all is ok . no problem Close it KG_PH
  9. KG_PH

    Installing error

    My 9.13.23 works fine and wot works fine. Only update not work KG_PH
  10. KG_PH

    Installing error

    MOre files My mod is 9.13.23 Used update for long time . never have error. NOt understand why? KG_PH _Aslain_logs.zip
  11. KG_PH

    Installing error

    I start modpack 9.13.26 Chose English Then aslain.png wived Program Close KG_PH​ python.log _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log
  12. KG_PH

    Installing error

    update aslain modpack get this error. _

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