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  1. ImBonzo

    Game start freeze

    I frequently had the same problem. After deleting most of the modpack mods I was using (including Aslain's panels), it no longer gets me. Now, I have to add things back in to see which one(?) is the problem. That is going to be a long process.
  2. ImBonzo

    WOT crashes

    * Also CTD going to the garage (Lost connection). * Freezes on first panel (with timer). Usually the timer line at the bottom makes it to the end, then freezes. Frequently finishes the count-down, then pops me in the game after the game has started. * Freezes in the middle of the game, ignores keyboard input, but can use the mouse. Sometimes CTD after looking stupid for a while. Got "WOT+XVM has stopped working" message once out of a ridiculous number of crashes. "WOT+XVM has stopped working" crash again. These come after hitting the CONNECT button. I have removed white skins and hitzones, as they were usually the first to cause crashes in earlier versions. Also, minimap jumps at times. I'll be watching a tank moving and suddenly it is a couple of tank-lengths ahead of where it just was. Updated to #12. Did not add your panels, and deleted some other mods. Have not yet cashed loading or going back to the garage. Crashed mid-battle once, and also CTD just sitting in the garage working on Settings. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. ImBonzo

    Now what happened?

    I found it. I am such a noob. I accidently checked camo selector. Duh. Kinda fun, though.
  4. ImBonzo

    Now what happened?

    How odd. I do not have camo for this tank.
  5. ImBonzo

    New Spawn Bug

    No. Spawned and froze. Had to ctrl-alt-del, -> Task Manager, stop WOT, then sign-in again. It turns out, the graphics adjustment I made worked for about 20 games, then I spawned in "The Upside Down" TWICE in a row.
  6. ImBonzo

    New Spawn Bug

    It was random, so I guess some stayed in sync. On Lakeville, I spawned on top of the lake, looking back at my team spawn.
  7. ImBonzo

    New Spawn Bug

    It turns out that this is a bug. I turned my Landscape Quality graphics too low (to improve performance) and took it out of sync.
  8. ImBonzo

    No sound

    It goes off in the middle of battle. Or if not OFF, to a minimal (barely heard) volume. "Pop" - silence.
  9. ImBonzo

    New Spawn Bug

    Anyone else spawning in the upside-down? I put this here, because I am not expecting it to be "fixed," but for amusement of forum crawlers.
  10. ImBonzo

    No sound

    Anyone else having problems with the sounds suddenly turning off or just way down in the middle of a game? I really hope it is not my h/w.
  11. ImBonzo

    Armour Penetration Indicator

    Add on: Any chance of changing color of the recticle, or a colored center spot to reflect the ability to penetrate (red, yellow, green) for us old farts who didn't grow up on video games (Atari 2600 doesn't count) who have slow reaction times and tend to super focus on one thing at a time?
  12. ImBonzo

    Warning on start-up

    THANKS! I thought that was the case and have been ignoring it, but worried a bit. (and yes, I did search the forums for a post on this, like a good little tanker!) But, I guess I missed Aslain's change update with the link "warning"
  13. ImBonzo

    Warning on start-up

    Anyone know why I am getting a warning: (!) ekspoint-mods.tk (parenthesis above in place of the actual triangle shown in the warning) I get it on the "Connect" page. But, I have no real problems with the mods that I can tell. Thanks!
  14. THANKS Aslain. You the man. Donation on the way!
  15. ImBonzo

    My 6th sence is working, randomly

    Same here - maybe once every 3 or 4 games

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