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  1. No sound

    It goes off in the middle of battle. Or if not OFF, to a minimal (barely heard) volume. "Pop" - silence.
  2. No sound

    Anyone else having problems with the sounds suddenly turning off or just way down in the middle of a game? I really hope it is not my h/w.
  3. New Spawn Bug

    Anyone else spawning in the upside-down? I put this here, because I am not expecting it to be "fixed," but for amusement of forum crawlers.
  4. Armour Penetration Indicator

    Add on: Any chance of changing color of the recticle, or a colored center spot to reflect the ability to penetrate (red, yellow, green) for us old farts who didn't grow up on video games (Atari 2600 doesn't count) who have slow reaction times and tend to super focus on one thing at a time?
  5. Warning on start-up

    Anyone know why I am getting a warning: (!) ekspoint-mods.tk (parenthesis above in place of the actual triangle shown in the warning) I get it on the "Connect" page. But, I have no real problems with the mods that I can tell. Thanks!
  6. Warning on start-up

    THANKS! I thought that was the case and have been ignoring it, but worried a bit. (and yes, I did search the forums for a post on this, like a good little tanker!) But, I guess I missed Aslain's change update with the link "warning"
  7. THANKS Aslain. You the man. Donation on the way!
  8. The WG's Battle Performance and Damage received are always on and always overlapped. In the log tab, I have tried to move damage received to the top (but it won't move), since it overlaps and I cannot seem to just turn it off (would rather have if off). And the the Battle Performance shows up even if I uncheck it under Event Type.
  9. My 6th sence is working, randomly

    Same here - maybe once every 3 or 4 games
  10. Where? I have tried. (see below) And I want the Battle Observer logs (XVM, yes?). I also turned off XVM default
  11. Found the [check] for the pictured problem. AND - Aslain helped me with the other. All is good.
  12. Game Freezing When Returning to Garage

    See "Game Freezing When Returning to Garage" topic. Same thing, more detail.
  13. Game Freezing When Returning to Garage

    I do not use any voice mods. :-\
  14. Game Freezing When Returning to Garage

    FOUND IT! Auto-equip is the gremlin. Tried it off & on a few times, and nailed it. Turn it off. (EKSPOINT_) CRAP!!!! Worked for about 10 games, then froze again. Better than every game, but......
  15. ...for 3 weeks? No multi-line carousel? No torpedo visual enhancement? (I am losing sight...not bad yet, but old age is a bitch)
  16. What happened while I was gone?

    Ugly fails to describe it
  17. What happened while I was gone?

    Ah, thank you. I appreciate everything you do!
  18. Can someone please make a mod that either sound an alert (quiet beeping or something) OR changes color/shape of the aim point (like from O to X) when ctrl-X and Shift-X is active? I cannot tell you how many times I have slaughtered an island in the heat of battle, forgetting I set them up. Thank you.
  19. Best Icons Ever. Keep it up.

    We're not worthy..... :rolleyes:
  20. Long-ass player names.

    I use your mod and XVM. The players panel (and one used with Tab key) do not have sufficient space for some of the names. I tried to edit them by re-sizing the box and the space for the name, but still ended up writing over the stats. Can you perhaps provide correct code? Ty
  21. Long-ass player names.

    Can I adjust the defined limit? Or is that XVM folks?
  22. Long-ass player names.

    BattleLoading: Changing BOTH of the player names (Right and left) to "formatRightNick": "<font color='{{c:r}}' size='12' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{nick%.20s~..}}....." Note: I do not see a "width=...." line in battleloading.xc results in this: TAB (PlayerPanel.xc - "Large":): Changing BOTH of the player names (Right and left) to "nickFormatLeft": "<font color='{{c:r}}' alpha='{{alive?#FF|#80}}'>{{name%.16s~..}}....." and the last line to "Width = 100" results in this: Obviously I am missing something, but I am not smart enough to figure out what. Could it relate to the alpha = ...80 part?
  23. Long-ass player names.

    I might try fontsize next, but have poor vision. I am such a fail. :-D