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  1. RadioactiveTwinkie

    [] Texture-Based Ambient Occlusion (v1.3)

    Cool thanks for the quick reply!
  2. RadioactiveTwinkie

    [] Texture-Based Ambient Occlusion (v1.3)

    So in general how does this mod effect FPS? If I install it will my frames jump up drop down or stay roughly the same?
  3. RadioactiveTwinkie

    Little bug on "shrinked ribbons" mod

    Aslain is aware of this and working on possible solutions. Using the "Move ribbons to center" mod removes this problem completely.
  4. RadioactiveTwinkie

    Better Smoke/Smaller Ribbons

    I have two requests! Figured combining the threads into one would be better than posting 2 separate ones. Would it be possible to get a mod that changes the smoke border circles color? as of now on most maps if I am facing the sun, even with the anti-glare mod, i can NOT see smoke or the circle borders making it impossible to use that smoke. So I was hoping there was a way to change the color to something more easily seen? Black maybe? or some Neon color? Secondly Aslain can you add the option to use smaller ribbons? As of now you can change the size of the ribbons in the battle elements file. Using Notepad++ to edit the file (with misc other mods installed that use that file) ribbons config are on lines 102 -107 though that will change depending on the other mods you use such as minimap mods. Now for ribbons the default lines are as follow <element name="ribbonContainer" class="RibbonContainerClip" url="achievements.swf" autoPerfTestGroup="ribbons"> <properties spacingHor='5' spacingVert='5' multiline='true' maxCount='5' direction = 'horizontal' hitTest = 'true'/> </element> <element name="ribbonAppear" class="RibbonAppearClip" url="achievements.swf"> <properties hitTest = 'true'/> </element><!--mark--> What I am asking for is for the option to use smaller icons. This can be achieved by changing the battle elements ribbon lines from what is posted just above this to what is posted just below this line <- <element name="ribbonContainer" class="RibbonContainerClip" url="achievements.swf" autoPerfTestGroup="ribbons"> <properties spacingHor='-4' spacingVert='-5' multiline='true' maxCount='6' direction = 'horizontal' hitTest = 'true' scaleX='0.8' scaleY='0.7' x='60'/> </element> <element name="ribbonAppear" class="RibbonAppearClip" url="achievements.swf"> <properties hitTest = 'true' spacingVert='-50' x='54' scaleX='0.75' scaleY='0.75'/> </element> Now this will work with Ribbons Badges V2 in your installer. I have not tested it with the other versions because I prefer v2. So if possible could you add this option to the ribbons to use the smaller version? As of now I must manually change the lines in the battle elements file which is not hard. Copy and Paste. But it would be more convenient just to select it in the mod pack. And more people would have access to it. It is especially nice for people like me that have to play on laptops with small screens (my laptop is 15.6inch screen so having smaller UI elements is a huge bonus, In fact aslain if you can find or if someone can make a mod that changes the sizes of other UI elements let me know!)
  5. Damage indicator mod is doing this for some people
  6. RadioactiveTwinkie

    Unable to enter games, stuck at loading screen

    Damage indicator mod is doing this for multiple people
  7. RadioactiveTwinkie

    Port mod corruption

    I've tried to use the Nagasaki and Chinese Dragon ports. Also the Damage indicator mod does this. However whenever I try to install them they simply do not work. I go to the DLC cache and install them manually and winrar just says the files are corrupt. Is this just me or everyone? And can it be fixed on my end or yours? I've tried extracting the files with both winrar and 7zip and and with winrar it just says the file is corrupt/unreadable and with 7zip I get "unexpected end of data"
  8. RadioactiveTwinkie

    Damage Indicator mod

    This also happens to me with this mod. It is Just this mod. which is saddening because it is quite useful. However Is there any way to change the font size used? Logs.zip I've tried extracting the files with both winrar and 7zip and and with winrar it just says the file is corrupt/unreadable and with 7zip I get "unexpected end of data"
  9. RadioactiveTwinkie

    Internet Bug ~ [Solved]

    Never Mind! The problem was I was not running it in admin. Once I launched it as admin I had no issues
  10. RadioactiveTwinkie

    Internet Bug ~ [Solved]

    I will get all the details possible when I update the mod pack again
  11. RadioactiveTwinkie

    Internet Bug ~ [Solved]

    Let me start by saying Aslain that I LOVE your mod pack and XVM and do not want to use any other pack truthfully. However I am also very annoyed, recently for some unknown reason every single time I run your installer for tanks or warships my wireless internet adapter completely shuts down and I must run the troubleshooter to restart it again. Now this only happens with you .exe installer, no other program so far has done this to me. If you could look into it on your end , nothing changed on my end but if you or any other tech savvy user has any suggestions let me know _Aslain_logs.zip
  12. RadioactiveTwinkie

    WoWS Mods preventing log in

    Nevermind it was the smoke location marker that was doing it
  13. RadioactiveTwinkie

    WoWS Mods preventing log in

    So i am trying to use the WoWS mod pack but when I get to the log in, no matter what I type for my email and password , all I hear is the log in sound effect and thats it, the buttons and everything all grey out and i can't open the settings, I can't close it and i can press the connect button as much as I want and nothing happens, anyone have an idea?
  14. RadioactiveTwinkie

    Request - Play sounds in the installer during "preview" mode

    This would be a very nice feature
  15. RadioactiveTwinkie

    Just a little whish for Scroll mods

    it's only set to 20 if you choose "accelerated zoom speed in arcade" , as long as u do NOT select that it will default to 5, as i found out recently

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