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  1. Update #11 - PMD Zoom INOP

    Hi Aslain. I did a clean install of WOT and reinstalled MODs and all is well! Thanks much my friend.
  2. Update #11 - PMD Zoom INOP

    Sorry I was not clear - began after installing Aslain's WoT ModPack v9.22.0.1 #11 Thanks
  3. Hi folks. Since downloading update #11 today the PMOD sniper zoom has failed to function. No zoom at all. Thanks much
  4. Radialmenu Help

    Hi folks, no hair remains, so thought I would seek expert advice. I use radialmenu and all works well with different keys tied to commands. I have one though that is driving me bonkers: {"title": "Concentrate fire...", "icon": "Support", "text": "Focus fire on {vehicle} at {viewPos} ", "chatMode": "Team", "ping": "{viewPos}", "hotKey": ["KEY_LALT", "KEY_F"] On keypress it identifies my tank and my position, not the one I have in my sights. Really appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!
  5. Download Speed

    Thanks much. I will try another mirror. Best, J_REB
  6. Download Speed

    Hi all. Recently I see a significant drop in download speed from eu25.gamersplatoon.com. Presently downloading at 43.4 KB. Until recently download speed was pretty quick. My Internet connection is 120 MIPS. Thanks much, J_REB
  7. RadialMenu

    Understand Aslain and thanks much. Hope you had a great New Year's!
  8. RadialMenu

    I am so happy to see RadialMenu back in the mods. However, it has changed significantly, and I can't find any references to it. Where and what file is it serving as the setup file (replacement for radialmenu.xml)? Are there any config files that require editing? Thanks much in advance and Happy New Year all.
  9. RadialMenu

    Awesome, it's a really nice package. Thanks for all your hard work and Merry Christmas!
  10. RadialMenu

    Is there any chance someone will rewrite RadialMenu?
  11. Hey folks. My damage done table is working, but there is no icon for destroyed tanks. Is this a font issue, and if so, what font? Tnx
  12. Radialmenu

    Yes, the flexibility is awesome once you take a bit of time to learn the syntax. Have a Corsair keyboard with 18 keys - all were programmed through radial menu. Cheers!
  13. Radialmenu

    Hi folks. Aslain, thanks so much for you work. Awesome job! Any hope for RadialMenu or did the changes kill it for the future? best!
  14. Fire and fuel downloads very, very slow, and at 127 MB mine stops downloading. Tried to download on 2 occasions. Anyone else experience this?
  15. Auto Aim Extended

    Hi folks. Can someone please explain the Auto AIM Extended mod and what it should do? Thanks much, J_REB