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  1. Denfish

    Mods not working

    normal one... i also get that message login error.. so i have to retype the password..... maybe it has something to do with it.. res_mods.rar
  2. Denfish

    Mods not working

    added the logs from the aslain modpack folder.. if maybe that is the right files u need... still cant create a Archiver file.. :/ it just flashes and then it dissapear... /// cheers Denfish
  3. Denfish

    Mods not working

    hi Aslain.. i dont use many mods but they dont seem to work or not getting activated !! i cant even create that " Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip " ///Denfish Aslain logs_.rar
  4. Hi Aslain!!!..


    is it possible to add a few rows on the dealt damage meter and the recived one... or is that something i can do myself ??


    cheers Denfish !!!

  5. Denfish

    List of not working mods in

    looks to be the damage counter and the minimap that wont work.. atleast with the few modsettings i use.. :D

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