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  1. normal one... i also get that message login error.. so i have to retype the password..... maybe it has something to do with it.. res_mods.rar
  2. added the logs from the aslain modpack folder.. if maybe that is the right files u need... still cant create a Archiver file.. :/ it just flashes and then it dissapear... /// cheers Denfish
  3. hi Aslain.. i dont use many mods but they dont seem to work or not getting activated !! i cant even create that " Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip " ///Denfish Aslain logs_.rar
  4. Hi Aslain!!!..


    is it possible to add a few rows on the dealt damage meter and the recived one... or is that something i can do myself ??


    cheers Denfish !!!

  5. looks to be the damage counter and the minimap that wont work.. atleast with the few modsettings i use.. :D
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