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  1. Clan icons and Yasenkrasen

    I did not find beta in instaler of version 04. Beta is usually missing in early versions.
  2. MoE extended issue

    Hello Aslain, After installation when I move MoE Extended into the desired place on the screen I can not move them again. They are glued to the place and cannot be moved again. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. No sound

    My sound was turned off during the install. It had not happened during the battle.
  4. No sound

    It happened to me too, that version 04 puts general volume to 0.
  5. Calculating of Wn8

    That's pretty obvious that the tier matter. I am wondering if I play only Pz.Kpfw. 38H 735 (f) if the numbers will respond to each other or not.
  6. Calculating of Wn8

    Hello guys, can anybody help me with counting Wn8 in the game results? I had 3 battles and the resulting Wn8 is completely baffling for me. I thought that in the summary there is arithmetic mean but it looks like newly counted. PLease see the attach image and explain me the summary :-(
  7. Hello, I have a issue when I zoom more than 8x then Esther hitzone skins disappeared. Is there way how to fix it or is it "attribute"? But it is not happening all the time, sometimes the skins are still visible even with zoom 15x, sometimes are hidden with zoom 6x.
  8. Player panel isssue

    Ok, thank you very much for an advice
  9. Player panel isssue

    Hello, I need a help with player panel. I have tiers writen by roman numbers over tanks icon and I don't know hot to rid off it. What shoud I turn off or uninstall in my mod pack instalation.