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Win chance and xvm team rating

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I have tried 3 times to upload the latest mod pack but to no avail I cannot get the win % or team win8 values to load 

Any ideas or did I miss that they took It out?



My XVM Is up to date on their site I just checked

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Maybe The Team Wn8 mod you selected relays on connection with online wn8 database, it may won't work if it cannot connect for some reason (firewall, antivir) In your logs, something that is telling it's your case. 2018-03-03 21:37:23.581: INFO: [team_wn8_reting] Error stats loading - it's a big guessing but I see no other reason why it wouldn't work for you.


You may install the other Team WN8 mod that is in XVM section.

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Completely removed all Aslain's from My computer then picked as you said from just the Other XVM section and now it works again

It did not work when I picked it from other XVM until I completely removed all mods and started over

Odd I have used your mod for years and have not had this issue but consider it resolved. 

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