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Own xvm config - Nice Columns - Help!

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Hi all!

I'm in need of help with an xvm config that I started setting up myself. I wanted to make it as nice as Aslain's but didn't really manage so far. What I want to achieve is nice organized culomns in the stats on the loading screen, on the TAB key and the player's panel. The main problem is usually the right panel which the codes never work with. I tried many things including tab stops, c++ digit limitation, printf formatting, read through many forums but none of them helped or worked out as I wanted.

My goal is something like this:



Thank you guys in advance!

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Keep it simple. You have 2 options to start with:


Have both "formatLeft(Right)Nick" and "formatLeft(Right)Vehicle" 

or only either of them. 

Try keeping correct tabs by setting constant numbers, ex: {{t-hb%3d~h|---h}} 

that example gives place for 3 digits. 

Limit names etc. using {{name%.10s~..}} (10 symbols) for example. 

And just copy in the character  |  where you want it. 


You can also download and adjust settings from the pros:



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Thank you so much! I actually only moved the lines in the PlayersPanel from the nickFormatLeft / Right to the vehicleFormatLeft / Right. I didn't know it was important but hope that everyone who made the same mistake will learn from this! This is what my best results look like right now:



I've been using the first option that you also suggested with limiting the digits for each value. However it messes up the format that it displays it in normally if not only the {{kb}} command is used. I.e. the total number of battles played with the actual tank are displayed only in integers and not with a decimal point with one digit after it (.1k) or with a number before the decimal point as well if it's 1k+ (2.3k). If I could I'd also make the total number of battles look the same. When I was trying to fix this I couldn't solve it because I didn't know how to put multiple codes after one another, i.e. %4d (for limiting the number of digits) plus %2.1f (to make it display it in decimal form → 15.7k).


Also, do you know if other fonts can be used for all of these? I was using Candara for my own config but the spacing between the lines wasn't right and they didn't line up with the vehicle icons.

Can You or someone help me with these?

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I would skip using decimal, i mean you will use up the same amount of

digits (little less space) and it could look confusing. 

Ex: 15,7k = 15700. 

Another format is hectobattle: 15h = 1500. 


Ofcourse you can change font and also try different fontsizes.

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Making it easier is to only adjust one panel (left) and have the other 

to be an exact copy:


"nickFormatRight": ${"playersPanel.large.nickFormatLeft"},


Here is the formatexample that gives you font, fontsize and color:


<font face='Consolas' size='13' color='{{c:kb}}'>


You can go as far as to have no numbers only colored symbols 

(in this case dots):


<font face='Webdings' size='11' color='{{c:xwn8}}'> n </font>

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