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  1. The man, the myth, the legend...
  2. I wouldnt even dare to click it myself
  3. Good old days: Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.3.2.33_811_v2.exe
  4. Anything missing? The swedish tank should be there.
  5. Hi You need all Atlases and also icons.
  6. Hmm, Quaksen got the gameface on Yes, single file is very oldschool on the other hand Sirmax uses only a couple of .xc files.
  7. Hi chokky69 I copied those from 2 different iconset.xc. Sirmax uses this folder tree "battleLoadingAlly": "../../../../res/contour/Master_XH", "battleLoadingEnemy": "../../../../res/contour/Master_XH", That seems odd but try changing "Master_XH" to "Ally" and "Enemy" or "battleLoadingAlly" and "battleLoadingEnemy" (or some other name). They are still rewriting XVM (will take weeks to get it right) so keep reading forums at Korean Random and maybe find some good pointers.
  8. Hi Oboy, this update sure messed up XVM. IT WILL TAKE OVER A MONTH before every setting and mod is back to "normal". Many modders are struggling and/or have quit updating their mods. Others are on vacation or something. Biggest problem is XVM, they are focusing on minimap first and painstakingly getting all fixed. Sirmax is the brain behind XVM, he knows it like a second language. Thats why things that are obvious to him is rocketsience to us. The problem seems to be trolls and assholes at Korean Random forums now, fanboys bitching to everybody.
  9. I have not tested it myself but creating these folders and inserting icons and atlases in their dedicated folders should do it. "battleLoadingAlly": "contour/", "battleLoadingEnemy": "contour/", "playersPanelLeftAtlas": "../../../../res/atlases/BattleAtlasLeft", "playersPanelRightAtlas": "../../../../res/atlases/BattleAtlasRight", "fullStatsLeftAtlas": "../../../../res/atlases/BattleAtlasLeft", "fullStatsRightAtlas": "../../../../res/atlases/BattleAtlasRight", "vehicleMarkerAllyAtlas": "../../../../res/atlases/vehicleMarkerAtlasAlly", "vehicleMarkerEnemyAtlas": "../../../../res/atlases/vehicleMarkerAtlasEnemy" },
  10. Grandorf

    Gambiter log

    Hmm, Seems GambitEr has stopped with his mod.
  11. Hi Nice to get appreciated, wish I could do more modding. Anyway, keep supporting and helping Aslain & Co that will be enough reward for me.
  12. Hi, I have given up on tank games but I continue making these icons because its not a big effort. As it is now I´m superconfused over this new update, seems like everything got turned upside down. Many people over at Korean Random seems to have lost interest in XVM. Key persons that was very good at XVM. So in order to get everything up and running (especially Icons et.c.) XVM has to get a proper working version. This is the Acilles heel of WoT, if XVM goes away this game will never be the same. chokky69, I will add all I have into first post. Keep on tanking, youre the man.
  13. Wow WG really hate modders Ally.zip Enemy.zip Thanks for link Quaksen!
  14. Hi Havent played this game for weeks but making these icons isnt a big hassle. Enjoy 9.15.1 By the way, is American T23 back in the game or not?
  15. Hi Modding has always been so secretive and poorly explained. If you Google Photoshop or FL Studio 12 you can find hours upon hours with how-to-do videos and websites. Never been the case with modding, not even a great post on good software to use. Would be great with somekind of tutorials (pictures included) on how to make or rework a sight, damagepanel or info-panel... something. This is a good example on how to do sounds with Wwise: http://www.koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/31848-
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