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  1. Yes they will be updated soon ;). They still work but the Super Helcat is displayed as a heavy tank.
  2. Thank you... for using them.... And for the message about it.
  3. And with Battle Hits viewer AND Hangman, I forgot to mention that
  4. It seems all right now. I can't get in a Grand Battle, I guess it has to do with frontline. But installed version 3 of the modpack and ran a older replay...
  5. Not really helping, but I understand. If for any reason you use mods, pls do... Aslain modpack is the best in the world. There are a lot modpacks out there but are they as updated as Aslain's one? Even Twitch users use Aslain modpack (Circonflexes! to name 1). But anyway.... You say your not using them because WG told you not, That's fine don't use them but don't tell anyone here at Aslain forum that the modpacks are bad! It is like I tell you in your home that it smells.... I could try that as well. Not sure if Hangman is the issue, if game would crash when returning to garage, then it could. And that's not the problem here only Grand Battle mode. I keep trying it without them (first 1 then the other ).
  6. Yes, thats why I tried that. It looks like xvm is the problem maker. We just have to wait for a new xvm update (it just crashed again in Grand Battle mode)
  7. Same with the new modpack #2. A crash in Grand Battles (this time with the WZ-131-1). I am going to uninstall the battle hit viewer because that's the only thing new for me, the skins about that spaced armor I don't have... I try it out and let you know Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. Same here with patch (number 2 update just came out and will try that later on). Crashes BUT only when entering the Grand Battles. Hinterland and a crash. 121, tier 10 Chinese Medium Tank. Couldn't get in until I choose "save mode". Later on restarted the game with all the mods and there were no problems. Yes I have skins, but not on the tanks that I play with when in Grand Battle. A few minutes ago with the EBR 105 in Nebelburg.... Logs added just in case it is needed (older patch now!) Just so we have all the data and reports. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. nope... My choice, not WG to decide what programs I run on MY computer! For now, it is fine, I still have my Launcher. If that is gone, I use the WMCleaner and get the Launcher back. If that isn't possible there is always worldoftanks.exe shortcut. My computer, my rules! And like I said earlier, I uninstall wowp and wows BECAUSE of the game center and quit playing it AND I don't do common tests...
  10. That's ok, no problem.
  11. @Ress I used the older files and updated the game from there, so yes I still use the Launcher. I never had any issues with it... Thx for this. I will have a go on my new computer in a few months when installing the wot... Thx m8 And no I didn't use WMCleaner before. Will look into it. Extra program or not, but when you launch WOT (pressing PLAY) this launcher goes away and doesn't stay in the system tray. For me, it isn't about just another program to use or any of that. Why we need this center? If you play test servers, clan wars, wowp, wows or any of the other games from WG then fine, it could work. But I don't... It is the same as Microsoft did years ago by telling everybody to use their browser for the internet. Then this Dutch woman came and said NO! Now we can use Chrome or Firefox.
  12. I see the benefits of the program BUT for me, it is a program I never use. I play WOT and WOT only, the program is therefore useless. I have updates when I launch the program, I have all the news when launching the program... Why do I need this EXTRA program? I hear all of you but... If I make a shortcut to the worldoftanks.exe file this will leave me without the news!
  13. The time is here to ask for 1 of the best ever mods that should be written... A mod that uses the WOT Launcher instead of the game center WG is planning, see article below https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/WGC-migration/ Is it even possible to write something like that?
  14. Like the title... Where could I find the background of the loading screen at the beginning of the game?
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