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  1. Update You'll find the update always in the Aslain modpack.....
  2. So 25083/170=148 FPS.... That's about right! But where do you get that number (170) from?
  3. That's a well know issue for the last 9 years!! Like I said before it is a CPU based game, not GPU based and until they "fix" that, you don't have the benefits for SLI in this game.... My computer before this one (see post 20) had 2 nvidia 980 ti in it... In SLI it worked perfectly but it doesn't give you more power in wot.
  4. Could be because EU server Are you use High bandwidth SLI connectors or "regular" ones? Maybe this page is usefull: https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/forums/geforce-graphics-cards/5/231146/any-gtx-1080-sli-benchmarks/
  5. true.... But still intel based... It would be great if wot had GPU support, but until then..... Maybe stupid question but anyway... have both GPU your adding the same engine? Or else it wouldn't work either
  6. Wot is a intel based game ;)... it is the same with Adobe, all intel above AMD ;)
  7. Ok, so here are mine.... I did 1920/1080 with and without RT and I did 3440/1440 with and without RT LG 34GK950F monitor used For me the use of Intel and not AMD is still ADOBE programs and World of Tanks
  8. Is there a way to make a filter for MoE? You can select tanks for country, tier, type. You can select tanks that are your favorite... I was just wondering because I have a few tanks that are almost 65%, 85% Wouldn't it be great to select the tanks by, for example "from high to low %".
  9. I use the one that's inside the Aslain modpack It shows the icon for 10 seconds and then disappears....
  10. Yes they will be updated soon ;). They still work but the Super Helcat is displayed as a heavy tank.
  11. Thank you... for using them.... And for the message about it.
  12. And with Battle Hits viewer AND Hangman, I forgot to mention that
  13. It seems all right now. I can't get in a Grand Battle, I guess it has to do with frontline. But installed version 3 of the modpack and ran a older replay...
  14. Not really helping, but I understand. If for any reason you use mods, pls do... Aslain modpack is the best in the world. There are a lot modpacks out there but are they as updated as Aslain's one? Even Twitch users use Aslain modpack (Circonflexes! to name 1). But anyway.... You say your not using them because WG told you not, That's fine don't use them but don't tell anyone here at Aslain forum that the modpacks are bad! It is like I tell you in your home that it smells.... I could try that as well. Not sure if Hangman is the issue, if game would crash when ret
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