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  1. Would you check your editing hitLog.xc ? I use your #4 modpack. I selected hitLog option 1(your version HitLog) in Hit Log section and it doesn't work. (It does not work after update so far) So i changed to xvm default version hitLog (option 2) and it's okay. I compared yours with xvm-default. There is the difference in "logBackground". I think that {{py:xvm.xxxxxxxxxxxxxx}} like this has problem. Thank you for keeping update.
  2. In my case, InBattle WN8/EFF Calculator[ProTanki], Quest Helper and Crew skill informer caused problem.
  3. 저도 예전에 같은 문제(Edelweiss, Nameless 아이콘 없음)로 문의했었는데 아슬레인의 답이 그 전차는 ASIA 서버에서만 쓰인다며 안 만들고 있다고 하더군요. 최근에도 아슬레인이 만드는 전차 아이콘에는 위의 일본 전차들이 없습니다. 참고가 되었으면 좋겠네요.
  4. I agree with you. After the option of the Show active Personal Reserves, Aslain doesn't work normally, especially with XVM. WidgetsTemplates.xc does not even have the category of 'booster'. It makes error after Aslain mods version 5 to XVM. (But he said to me his mods worked fine except of me)
  5. Aslain Version 5 seems to have error itself. Install with ver. 4.
  6. Maybe, You missed Edelweiss icon. plz Check it.
  7. If any of two japanese tanks (Edelweiss, Nameless) exists in battle, Game crashes down to desktop as soon as I enter loading. But no problem in playing in vanilla(without any mods & xvm) I don't know why. I attach phython.log part as below.
  8. I found that CTD happens when you enter loading, if there is Edelweiss japanese tank in battle. I checked it in phyton.log file. p.s. I use XVM and no skin, no sound mod.
  9. To avoid Crash to desktop Delete options of Hitzone skin & ATAC. It works for me well.
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