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installer closes after 10 sec

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hi all, i am new here, used this mod now with the version 13 he does not want to install and shut down after 5 sec, any idea what the problem may be ?? and after uninstall mod now no change windows 10 64 bit

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The modpack works perfectly for the vast majority, so it is a local issue on your pc.  It could be many things.  First thing is that it could be your anti-virus blocking it due to a false positive.  Disable your AV.  There is absolutely nothing bad in the modpack.  Aslain very very carefully checks everything he includes in the modpack.  I personally have never gotten any type or warning etc from either Kaspersky or Avira anti virus.  But many that use various free ones such as Windows Defender have had problems. 


Secondly, it could be Windows User Account Control.  Right click on the modpack exe and choose to run as Administrator.  Even if you are logged in as admin you should still do this.  Otherwise, UAC is your boss.


If these two things don't solve your problem, let us know.  Maybe the super nerds that hide in the forum will come out and help...  Good luck

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