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  1. Glad you're having fun in my post XD
  2. Oh ^^ I'm sure you can fix this in some time. The language is not toooo difficult
  3. I've got a tiny problem here with understanding one mods description. The name of the blue marked mod in the screenshot below is "Zeige jeden Panzer in der Garage" which means "Show each tank in the garage". The description at the bottom says "Displays the tank body in sniper mode (hotkey: F11)" Those doesn't really match in my opinion. The preview picture lets me think that the description is correct over the name, but I wanted to asked to get sure what the mod is meant to do.
  4. Works fine here. I'm using Zayaz Damage Panel.
  5. Solved it. Just downloaded the Damage Panels by Rabbit and by Zayaz manually and found out that there are two folders inside the archive, one with centered repair panel and one without. Using the files in the folder without centered repair panel solves my problem. Could you perhaps add an item to the list to choose from those two options? Screenshot example for "Damage Panel by Zayaz"
  6. That's unfortunate indeed >_< In that case I can only wish you luck with finding somebody who can add a search and a Load/Save functionality. As for me, I can only call a little knowledge about VB.net, AHK and advanced knowledge about DOS my own. Maybe in a few years I can help you :-)
  7. Doesn't solve it. I'm gonna experiment with the values and reply back if I found the proper values for 4K resolution. By the way, could the position be wrong calculated because I'm using two monitors? I'm also playing in borderless window mode. Edit: Solved it. Those values work for me. Please note that this could only be working if you're using a secondary monitor with a solution of 1920x1080 for that might interfere with the mod. But I didn't test it. Also one needs to add this edited xml file to the Custom_Mods folder. <hangarCalculator align="center"> <!-- Calculator --> <ConfigCalculator> <position x="-376" y="10"/> </ConfigCalculator> </hangarCalculator>
  8. Gonna change it and reply in a few minutes. Edit 1: Just noticed I'm using Zayazs damage panel, not KobkaGs. Or did you mean I should choose KobhaGs panel instead of whatever I'm using right now? Edit 2: I changed the Damage Panel and the problem persists. Any other idea? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Yep, that solves it... kind of; for it is not a very good solution imo ^^ The button doesn't appear in 2560x1600 [16:10] and 3840x2160 [16:9] resolutions. 2560x1440 [16:9] works. I haven't tested the other lower resolutions, but I think they'll also work. Any chance this can be fixed? Maybe even by adding a hotkey to open and close the calculator?
  10. I'm sorry. Those log were from when I tested if activating the mod you mentioned would somehow solve the problem. The problem, as I described in my initial post, persists even with that one disabled. Added new logs. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. I'd like to see a search function in the mod installer. For me it is always pretty difficult to find a specific mod in this very long list. Even finding a topic is kinda difficult, because they are written in the same font. That could at least solved easily by just writing topics in bold and maybe 1 or 2 pixels larger. Anyways, I'd love to use a search bar with something like a live search. If you type text into this bar everything not matching the text in the mod list becomes hidden. That would make it so much easier to alter your installed mods.
  12. Hello there. I don't know if there is a mod like this, but maybe someone could make it? What I'm imagining is a sound mod which plays, if you're team was victorious, the Victory Fanfare from Final Fantasy. I realise that there are several Victory Fanfares (twenty-four as it seems). I'd solve this by either having the same mod several times but each with another Victory Fanfare, so you can choose the one you like or the mod contains every fanfare and plays a random one. I've looked up a video with all Victory Fanfares for the ones who are interested: https://youtu.be/54KkI5ugLOs
  13. I see, thank you! It also automatically copied everything from the no longer used "Aslains_Custom_Mods" folder into the new one.
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