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  1. Never mind it works now just downloaded 9
  2. I have done everything was suppose to do before i start here i have also deleted the mod pack and reslect everything i wanted including remove frame and it still there what would be the fix and also have the most recent download.
  3. noob60


    Yes a new design something that has N S W E on it aslain use to have that not sure why it was takin off
  4. noob60


    How about bringing back compass the one wargaming has not to good
  5. Never mind we got it but modstation they not changing it for some reason
  6. My alliance haschange the icon where you suppose tobut its not showing up what are we doing wrong, the one that should be showing now is the banana one.
  7. Is there a way to change background or what ever it's called or make my own video at the start of the game where its loading in?
  8. well i can't help i have to get to work now sorry
  9. they have more than one problem with there link i have found out
  10. okay you have some files that are corrupt plaese fix you mods you got more than just the ribbons that is screwing up and wont let us in the battle.
  11. Okay i tried it again have been trying to use ribbon 1 never would load into game so i tried ribbon 2 everything is fine.
  12. this is what i get and as far i can go every one is like that i like your better but this is getting old
  13. not letting me in the battle have to use task manager to exit out come guys both link 2 and 3
  14. It's probably been suggested before is there any way of making a desktop icon and yes I donated
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