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  1. okay i got something else to ask i unchecked it from the list but it's still there how do i get rid of it, yes talking about the matchmaker
  2. I am sure this has been discussed so i am assuming matchmaker no longer works but i am not using steam just asking.
  3. Why nomogram crosshair removed from the mod list that was the best cross hair to use
  4. i am not finding it in the list of mods
  5. It's that directional thing that shows you north south east and west and it's got a ship in the middle of if you need a picture you're going to have to wait
  6. wHAT HAPPEN TO THE COMPASS i can't find it
  7. are there anymore voice mods other than the one in Aslain all i am finding is anime and not in english
  8. Does anyone know where i can get anymore male voice mod beside the one thats in this one and in English only.
  9. I like haruna_line_Poi skins would like to see if someone could get word to him or her that would like to see more skins for all nations and class of ships, you know like destroyer and thing.
  10. Got a question the regular texture the plain ones i know there in the same spot as the ones that the mods give you, but when i deselect the skin pagage in the mod package and got bact to find the plaind texture there not there any more only wany i can get to them is apply the package with this program that image is what i am looking for but not what i get witch is nothing. german gen.pdn
  11. noob60


    Should had posted here wanting to create my own skin having prob finding main gun texture for genisnau if someone could help me with that maybe i can do the rest one i am trying to do is create one skin for every nation and claSS of ship not sure if that is possible but asking
  12. Can anyone help me i am trying to do my own skins i can do the out side and deck but having trouble finding the right guns main and secoundary at least for the Gneisenau
  13. i am sure i am not the only one who has asked this why is there 4 links to download, and oh the 1st one something wrong with it could not use it to download file
  14. Is there a way to change color of the number on crosshair cause white numbers on some battle fields are hard to see
  15. not sure if this has been asked is there amod that shows ship speed
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