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  1. woohoo! *hits the download button*
  2. I'm so glad that reven86 is still working on this mod. For my part the actual camera view isnt an issue, or the way it bounces around up and down. What p***es me off more about WG's new camera for arty, is that it does not revert to the standard top down camera after you have been in shotgun mode. So I am very glad the BattleAssistant mod will be back, eventually.. +1 internets to reven86
  3. sticklebrick

    9.17 using 9.16

    soon™ Seriously though, it will be done when it's done, maybe today, maybe tomorrow. Patience is a virtue
  4. Aslain, I just want to say that the new "delete python log" option you have added to the installer is a very nice, very useful addition to the modpack installer. I'm sure it will come in very handy for everyone concerned, when it comes to tracking down bugs. Well done. +1 internets to you. You should add it to the Warships modpack installer too
  5. sticklebrick


    Generally, it's a good idea to look at the WoT patch-notes and see what kind of changes have been made to the game, and then consider how those changes might affect mods. Routine patches generally mean a quick turnaround for the mod-pack updates. Major changes (like today's with UI changes etc) generally mean modpack will take longer to update as major changes break mods, which the original authors then need to fix. Usually resulting in a bare-bones release to tide you over til mods are fixed and added back into the modpack. Hope that helps
  6. sticklebrick

    Player Panels Jumbled

    Incorrect. There are no dead people on the screenshot above. Screenshot was taken at the beginning of the game. Problem is there from the get-go. As soon as the map has loaded in.
  7. sticklebrick

    UI loss, Game Crash

    The PP problem is the one I posted in this thread there is a picture of it there. I did try it without mods. No crashes without mods. However, do bear in mind that you have released another version of the modpack in the 4 days between when I posted this thread and your response to it. PP issue is still happening in the newest version. No crashes, but I do have one selection that is different to the one shown in the logs i posted. I'm using Yet Another Zoom mod instead of Zeiss. I will reinstall the mod later today with Zeiss to see if the crashes start to happen again.
  8. sticklebrick

    UI loss, Game Crash

    Entire UI sometimes disappears when I switch from torps to guns. Sometimes it stays off, sometimes it flickers. Then entire game crashes with a BigWorld Exception error. Removing hud_lib does not work this time, error still happens. Also, problems with player panels being jumbled up are still there. And no-one has to die to make them jumbled - Player panel is jumbled up from the start, before countdown ends. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  9. sticklebrick

    Player Panels Jumbled

    Let me start by saying this is NOT game breaking, there is no crash or anything like that. I've attached a screenshot. As you can see the player panel is doing wierd things. Sometimes it's only on one team's panel, sometimes its on both. Sometimes it actually behaves itself and displays like it should. I have not noticed a common factor. Perhaps font size + long name issues? Player names aren't always overlapped like they are in this image either. Sometimes there will just be a noticeable gap between one player name and the next. I play on 1920x1080 resolution. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  10. sticklebrick

    Modpack 5.10.1

    Yes that is to be expected @TheRiposte the camera mods always break after every update, Do not worry Aslain will have been expecting it and will have it fixed soon enough.
  11. sticklebrick

    More Visible Torpedo Markers for Aslain & Pold's hud_lib mod

    Thanks Quest, glad you like it
  12. sticklebrick

    More Visible Torpedo Markers for Aslain & Pold's hud_lib mod

    Mod reduced to just one file and installation instructions have been edited. I'll be honest, basically I did that to enable my laziness so I don't have to update the file structures every patch
  13. sticklebrick

    Problems with Mod pack for WoWS

    It's just a guess but perhaps the problem with Zeiss mod is related to this
  14. sticklebrick

    Zeiss sniper camera mod not working

    Well, the notes say he updated it. But it does not work for me either, looks like you need to make another pass at it Aslain m8. Edit: It's just a guess but I think it's because of this.
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