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  1. Hey, I would love to use this modpack of yours, but I am so used to the other colors. Purple = SPG, Red = Heavy, Green = Light, Yellow = Medium, Blue = TD. Is there a way to alter this to fit those? (On my end, without having to do too much?) Thanks!
  2. Hello, It also appears that MalwareBytes prevents the installation of the mods. It flags a few files until you completely exit out of MalwareBytes.
  3. Hi, This still persists even after a reinstall of the modpack. Also, battle hits is awesome. =D Thank you for implementing it.
  4. Hello, For some reason my game tends to lock up if I am in the garage and when the selected vehicle enters the garage my game nearly locks up. I am also experiencing some lag when going out of a battle and into the garage. I ran the game in safe mode, these issues were not present. One more thing, someone else asked if you could include the mod that shows you where your tank was hit in the garage after the battle. Is it possible for you to add this to the mod-pack as well? I thought it'd be easier to tack this onto this thread instead of making a new one in the Request section. Thank you. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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