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  1. my bad, thanks for correction :)
  2. isn't demountig of camo "paid" service for gold ?
  3. Толстая = thick Средняя = medium Тонкая = thin
  4. Thanks a lot :) As I am still @ work I can't check it the right way :)
  5. Hello, can you try this version ? I've recompiled it...scroll_3x.wotmod Thanks
  6. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/72cd98ecbfd062401fce6ba302090225575a674abf749ef713eeca712353aa58/detection
  7. 1. many of contour icons have default shape 2. latin tier numbers can be turned on in client (vanilla option in WoT) 3. there are few of them like mine (contour icons: Riskynet) On top of that I'm making two another modifications with corresponding colors (for garage and techtree icons). All of the mentioned mods are present in Aslains modpack.
  8. just ask author for update...
  9. I think that XVM is broken after micropatch
  10. Absolutne nemozne aby to sposoboval tento mod, nakolko ide len o zmenu ikon a nie funkcionality tech. stromu... bude to ina modifikacia zasahujuca do techtre... odskusane a funguje ako ma...
  11. got chat disconnection with vanilla game (without mods) so I think that this issue is WG related...
  12. https://www.wgmods.eu/download/eu_clan_icons.zip https://www.wgmods.eu/download/na_clan_icons.zip updated 28.3.2019
  13. Not at all... All icons are done one-by-one by photoshop... so all 647 icons was edited in photoshop....
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