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  1. Hey guys. Portuguese file: WoT_pt_translation_9.21.0.2_13.ini Cya L_R_D
  2. Thank you Just want to translate that into Portuguese. Cheers, LRD
  3. Hello guys I have one question: Anyone knows the name (and files) of the mod where we can see how the shot penetratedus in the end of the battle? Thank you Cheers, LRD
  4. Hello guys Here is the PT file. WoT_pt_translation_9.19.0.2_07.ini Cheers, LRD
  5. Hello guys. Here's the updated file for Wot v. WoT_pt_translation_9.17.1_38.rar @Aslain, already fixed the errors. Please confirm it. Cheers, L_R_D
  6. Hello guys. Here's the updated file fo Wot WoT_pt_translation_9.17.1_37.rar Cheers, L_R_D
  7. Hello guys PT file done and sent: WoT_pt_translation_9.16_34.rar Cheers, L_R_D
  8. PT file updated and ready WoT_pt_translation_9.16_11.zip Cheers, L_R_D
  9. Hello guys PT file ready: WoT_pt_translation_v9.16_10.rar Cheers, L_R_D
  10. Hello Guys Here´s the PT files ready: WOT: WoT_pt_translation_v9.16_04.rar WOWS: WoWs_pt_translation_v5.12.0_04.rar Cheers, L_R_D
  11. Hello guys Here's the PT version already updated: WoT_pt_translation_v9. Cheers, L_R_D
  12. Hey guys. Here is the PT file ready. WoT_pt_translation_v9. Cheers, L_R_D
  13. Hello guys Here are the two new and localized files. Cheers, L_R_D = FICHEIROS = WoT_pt_translation_v9.15.31.ini WoWs_pt_translation_v5.8.0.03.ini
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