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  1. I've unchecked everything in the Garage mods and just unchecked all the Hanger XVM setting and still hanging up so has to be something else bugging it
  2. I've unchecked everything in the garage mod section and still hanging
  3. Me too. Hanging up at Synchronizing Equipment and Consumables. Even cleaned Cache on last attempt Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Could you put some of the other garage displays back in? I particularly liked the summer beach one because I live on the beach in Florida. Also liked the one they called the Bat Cave Thanks and keep up the great work you do, Aslain plennon54
  5. Aslain, Just d/l ed this update and during install not getting the "Select Destination Location" option. I'm only able to in stall to the last game folder I had selected from previous version install. I have game folders for NA, EU and RU versions.
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