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  1. FOG_Yamato


    Aslains time for updates depends on how fast EU gets the patch, since he's from Poland, have patience the patch came out 6 hours ago
  2. Also you'll need to wait for the modpack to update for WoWS 0.5.7 before using it.
  3. FOG_Yamato


    Because mods like minimap, training room, smoke circles and such can be easly broken. The ones that are stable troughout the versions is usually visual mods like login screen, ship flairs, etc.
  4. FOG_Yamato

    [] Morse Code Sound Mod

  5. FOG_Yamato

    [] Morse Code Sound Mod

    I'm gonna try to do some audio wizardry, but it's louder when you're zoomed in. Also planning on making a installer like Aslain's to copy those sound banks from the res folder and just add the ones i changed.
  6. FOG_Yamato

    [] Morse Code Sound Mod

    When you press the quick message buttons, F3-11 are the default ones. It doen't replace anything else than that, but I needed to add the entire banks folder to make it work.
  7. FOG_Yamato

    [] Morse Code Sound Mod

    Hi everyone, FOG_Yamato here and I present you my first WoWS mod: Morse Code Sound Mod The mod replaces the quick messages with Morse code, just like ships were communicating in the WWII. 1st Download link: http://www.cybersnets.com/mods/[]Morse_Code_Mod.zip 2nd Download link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AuZ8oeEVtlvIhB0XnTHcyQf_v0iQ
  8. FOG_Yamato

    Update needed for New WoWships Update

    Just wait out for @Aslain to finish with WoT, it should be ready later today or tomorrow.
  9. It is completely different, also WG has to approve your minimap mod in case you want to release it to the public, that's one of the obstacles that discontinued the old mod.
  10. FOG_Yamato

    Arpeggio of Blue Steel UI Pack

    Can confirm, updated to the latest version, same result.
  11. After installing it from the new launcher, i noticed that it doesn't change anything in the game, tried to install just the pack, same result, is the pack empty or not updated?
  12. FOG_Yamato

    Running Lights

    Here is the same topic with replies:
  13. FOG_Yamato

    Running Lights

    Translated from the original mod author post and from the default config: Зеленый вперед, желтый назад, красный стоит? В конфиге же все. А так... по умолчанию: красный - назад, желтый - стоит. Green - ship is going forward Yellow - ship is standing still Red - ship is going backwards
  14. FOG_Yamato

    Out of curiosity...

    The translation is pretty close, basically mods that use the game's functions require them to be signed by WarGaming in order to prevent mods like aim assist. Kvalme cannot continue developing the mod since his mod has not been signed, so he discontinued the project.
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