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  1. Ok guys if your using Chrome I found out if you right click in the ( direct ) tab and choose to open another window it will work or something like that I can't remember which one I choose to work .
  2. Somehow when I click on to do a direct download accept the new mods from aslain nothing happens that's right nothing happens . At the bottom of the left side I use to get a purple and white Aslan logo that lets me know it's getting downloaded to my computer well it's not there anymore . What is the deal now ?
  3. That don't make any sense at all . I shouldn't have to do this it should have been left alone .
  4. Then tell me why the mod is changing the names of the Commanders then ? Why can't they just leave it alone . My motto if it's not broke don't fix it .
  5. Now I just took a screenshot of my Commander on my Kremlin . And as you can see the names do not match . Why are you telling me that Vasiliy Znamensky (with 19 skill points) - on the ship Kremlin is on that ship when you can clearly see he is not . And this one in my reserved is a 10 skilled commander but not Viktor Znamensky what is the deal with that ? And Wargaming sent me this . We want to inform - you are using modifications. Please, delete them or enter this mode and the display will be correct. My question is can you fiix this issue ?
  6. So what your trying to tell me that you can't bypass the video and to straight to port when you tap on to login key . When I tap on my login tab to login I would like to bypass this Video and go straight to port meaning no introduction whatsoever . And we can call it an No Introduction Mod . And right now I'm feeling your trying to insult my intelligence .
  7. How do you get that ? If I see a video before I go in to port you are telling me that is not a delay ? then what is it then ?
  8. Look I'm not trying to give you a attitude on this issue . All I would want to do is when I login to WoWs is to go straight to Port without seeing the introduction is all I'm asking . I do not want to have to press any key on my keypad to bypass it .
  9. What do you mean What introduction? let me try to explain it to you . You know when you login to WoWS you have a " introduction " stage before you go into port . What are you not getting here ? And again are you telling me when you login in to WoWs you go right to your Port screen without seeing the introduction if so then why can't I ?
  10. Well if "patience " is your question then I thought I did with the " Hope " as the answer . And I see there a new Aslain update could it be in there ? Well I guess I have to go and check it out hoping it's in there also hoping that this one is not going to be rocket science to get it done meaning it won't take a week or two to get it done .
  11. O so your saying there is hope ?
  12. So I guess that there is no mod out there to fix this issue .
  13. Is there an introduction mod to bypass or get rid of the introduction ? And take you straight to port ?
  14. Just asking when will he do the Aslain update for WoWS 9.5 Thx guys
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