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  1. How are they able to get my Clans logo ?
  2. Can you please tell me how another Clan can have my logo in there clan ?
  3. Well it's working now thx for fixing it
  4. This happen every time I download the Tech Tree mod . Once I download this mod and go to the Tech Tree I can't view my ships that I clicked on it automatically moves me to the module spot and I can't see the ship. If I want to see the ship that I have chosen I have to turn off the Tech Tree mod and not run it . But I like to see all of the new ships that are coming soon . So please fix this issue .
  5. Just to let you know that I'm still having this issue and I did what you asked and I still have no respond this is not like yall every time I've post something someone got back with me . What the deal I've been waiting now for some time now and I still having the same issue Aslain has done several updates but yet not fix this issue . Please respond for me please.
  6. Wow you would think that once thar Wargamming came out with 8.80 a new update for WoWS that would be able to fix this Tech Tree issue. Boy I was wrong . This has been going on for some time now and I do hope that they can get it done hopefully they will be able to do so . But I'm not holding my breath.
  7. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip is that it
  8. WoWS_report.wgc Is this what your looking for ? If not I forgot how to send you a Log or what you are asking me to do to help you help me .
  9. Every time I go to my Tech Tree to do a research on a ship . By clicking on the Tech Tree I see all the ships I would like to do a research . But when I click on the ship I want to research it takes me to the modules I do not get to see the ship but I want to look at the ship . What is the deal with this this has not happen to me before why am I getting this now ? Ps I tried the right click method issue that you suggested and it still does not work .
  10. Here after the new update I've been having an issue getting into battle . It keeps locking up at Q and will not let me go into battle . I have to shut off the game and login again then it puts me in the battle .The same one that I log out . What is causing this issue and how do I fix it .
  11. Is there anyway that you can change this from Roman numbers to Arab n
  12. Look I'm sorry about that if I knew what the mod did I wouldn't be asking to remove them in the descriptions of the mods give little to no detail on what they do or only few screenshots of the mod it's self. This is why I am asking this because they are so many mods that Aslain has I can't shake a stick at them and need better screen shots on them so I can see the right mods that are fit for me . And when I put this in the General discussion I was asking anyone for help not just the people that help Aslian out it was for everyone including members to . that is what I thought General discussion was use for .
  13. Have you tried updating your game card driver ? your driver could be outdated and need a new update.
  14. Can anyone please tell me what kind of mod this is so I can turn it off.
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