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  1. No word yet, waiting on author . Aslain and Quaksen mentioned this yesterday I believe.
  2. No issues here. Need to generate log files with the mods installed, after playing a few games. And attach them. Only way to really see what may be causing the issue.
  3. Will hopefully be fixed after next patch. /fingers crossed
  4. Bit defender is being overly sensitive.
  5. You need to click on the word >Direct<. You can mouse of the link and your browser should show you where its pointing to. Link #2 will start with usa01.
  6. Its been reported several times, also in patch notes: v.9.3.0 #04 (11-04-2020): - added Detailed Damage Meter [it cannot be dragged for now, author is trying to fix it]
  7. Detailed Damage Meter has been broken for sometime. v.9.3.0 #04 (11-04-2020): - added Detailed Damage Meter [it cannot be dragged for now, author is trying to fix it]
  8. Need to post logs: How to report a bug or issue.
  9. I have mxstat installed and didn't receive a warning from Avast. And I just scanned it again without issue. You can use online scanner to check the file, if you're worried. Or not install it.
  10. I've been playing with the WGC for several months/almost a year I think. I use Aslain's mods for both Wot and WoWs without any issues. Everything has functioned as normal.
  11. Seems to be working good now, only the config window is open at the start of each battle. Not a big deal exactly, just have to close it.
  12. Thanks Aslain. I haven't been able to play and check it out. Will try to get on today.
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