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  1. Sorry for not getting back sooner. Game Safe Mode Not windows safe mode, in the WGC next to the play button there is a little drop down arrow. Click on the arrow, you have two options. Launch with default settings and Launch the game in safe mode. Select Launch the game in safe mode, which causes the game to load without mods. Mod Install When installing the mod, there is an options screen called TASK SELECTION PAGE just before completing the install. Make sure the first 4 installation options are checked. - Delete all previous mods from the game - Delete Python and xvm logs - Delete game caches - Delete files downloaded by installer Sometimes I've had issues were even though the mod(s) have updated, the installer didn't update the files locally stored (DL_cache folder). Which caused a conflict when updating and installing, mostly with the XVM files.
  2. Unless I'm looking in the wrong spot, the log files are empty/not showing any errors. I use XVM Auto Crew return I haven't had an issue so far. I noticed that the checkbox is missing. Have you tried to resize the mini map in match? Have you played the game in Safe mode? Do the errors still occur? Have you tried a Check and Repair yet? You can also try to reinstall the mod and delete the download cache. Otherwise, Aslain would have to help. I don't want you go jumped down a dark hole.
  3. ami_85, please run and attach the log files: - Run special application: >> Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver.exe << (which can be found in the game installation folder or as shortcut on your windows desktop) it will create Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip file, attach that file to your thread, it's mandatory !!! I don't need any other logs, only that particular zip file. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip can be found in game folder inside Aslains_Modpack directory. Can't help unless we know which mods your running or look for errors.
  4. As Quaksen said, there is a direct link to the Mod that doesn't use Adfly. I always use that link as I run NoScript and UBlock, and its annoying to have to turn it off. Have never got a virus from the direct link or an alert. Cheers
  5. I was having an issue also. Reinstalled #5, deleted the cache and reset my token on XVM site. Stats are showing up now.
  6. You need to generate logs and post them.
  7. To get help, you need to post logs. Have you tried switching to a different crosshair. What mod are you playing?
  8. Alsain, thank you for the quick fix. Didn't look for the update before replying.
  9. Yes, I received an error message about that file in the garage when I loaded into the game. That's when I looked at the logs. I played two matches (the New Empire wall map and Overlord) and the ALT map didn't show up. I don't think the Wall map has an alt map (spotting, arty and TD positions), but I remember Overlord having one. And it didn't show up. I made the above changes and I didn't get the error message in the garage when loading the game and ALT map showed. But it still shows in the logs. Thanks. Aslains_WoT_Logs_beforeChange.zip Aslains_WoT_Logs_AfterChange.zip
  10. Hello, With the latest update (Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v., I started receiving an error when loading into the game. I haven't added any new mods, just updated my config as updates are released. I haven't tried to play a match yet as the queue is taking forever atm. I delete the DL cache when I install a new major update. I looked through the HDMinimap file, but didn't locate the issue. I was hoping to locate the issue and fix it myself. Thank you for all your hard work with maintaining the WOT/WOWS mod packs. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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