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  1. Aslain may be able to do that for you as part of his installer if you ask him, he's done it for my sound mod.
  2. What everyone said above should work fine, also feel free to check out the download link and instructions on my thread for the voice pack here in the Fan Zone. Simply keep a copy of the download and follow the instructions each time and you should have no problems. That said, at some point WG may add new sounds or update existing ones, in which case those sounds will not play and you will need to update.
  3. Apologies, I didn't see your post. Everything should be working now. Please note that there have been substantial changes to the way the mod is installed.
  4. I've packed it up as a .7z (7zip) file which made it a little smaller and seemed to be the best format for the job. I hope this is acceptable, and if you need a .zip or .rar instead let me know. The above link should still work and give you the zipped file. It's unfortunate that it couldn't be in the latest modpack, but hopefully it'll make it into the next.
  5. I've tried uploading it to Dropbox, see if this is any better: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/6vc2e14ngffgugd/AABHPq9SaB5_T55B8upJ-LVoa?dl=0
  6. The modpack is absolutely excellent, so echoing the OP, thanks so much for what you do Aslain!
  7. THIS MOD HAS BEEN RENDERED OBSOLETE BY 0.5.8 Thanks to all who supported the Japanese Voice Pack in the past, I hope you enjoy the new built-in National Commander Voiceovers as much as I do. Ganbatte kudasai, and good luck on the high seas!
  8. As I'm not a modder I'm not sure what you'd have to do to make the mod, but all I've had to do to "mod" my game is make some folder name changes and place the correct files/folder in the WoWs mods folder. In case you are able to do anything with them, here's the mod/files: https://mega.nz/#F!Oh4jES6J!ZzUuXVUn9O1JN7V4dEQ6zQ.The "audio" folder can simply be pasted into "res_mods". I'll also post these in the "Fan Zone" which I recently found, as people might want to add them on their own.
  9. I'm not sure if this is something that's been proposed before, but as someone who plays primarily Japanese ships, the extremely American accent of the announcer bothers me to no end. I've personally solved this problem by downloading the audio files from the Asian client, with Japanese Audio enabled, and placing them into my res_mods folder. However, this forces me to re-download the (Asian) client every time there's a major update introducing new ships or sounds. It would be far more convenient for me, and probably a nice option for others, if you could introduce these voices to the larger modpack and update accordingly. I have the files available if you want them, but I'm sure you could download them yourself if need be. Thanks, -Flamefang
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