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  1. Latest is installed and the problem is fixed. Glad to have brought this to your attention Aslain. Keep up the good work. Thx both you and BadoBest :)
  2. Resetting preferences file fixes it. But when clicking gear icon the problem re occurs. Gear icon can't be clicked since the settings windows appearing after clicking it comes on top of it.
  3. Nothing wrong with the setup indeed. The problem is as I described it above, the settings window appearing after gear icon is clicked falls on top of it so the icon can't be clicked to turn the window off. Don't know yet how to reset the preferences.xml file but I will try it and report back. Still a hassle though but nevertheless, thx for the quick response.
  4. Latest was installed anyway. Issue does not exist when mods uninstalled. But the problem is that the gear icon cannot be accessed since the settings window falls on top of it. In any case, logs below. Thanks. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  5. Hi Aslain. In the screenshot below you ll see that there s the settings window for the forementioned mod. The problem is that as soon as I hit the gear icon up on the left corner, the settings window now falls on top of it so I can't turn the window off. So I either have to uninstall the mod or leave it as it is. I tried some things so I could access the gear icon but to no avail. Any solution for this? Thank you.
  6. Fast reply, thx. Apologize for the wrong section.
  7. After the latest patch the panel mod (BadoBEST v2) does not show up as before. Screenshot shows the part of the panel that is visible. Original panel mod set through the game settings appear normally though (option: display team lineups) when the modpack is uninstalled. For your information, I followed the procedure set before I create this new topic (run/play a battle in safe mode etc). Hope all this helps so the issue can be identified. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  8. I am also using the Dotted Green sights from Mankunianec. After their latest version for 0.6.8 patch of the game I started having the problem I mentioned above. So after some testing I ended up with Aslain's only installed and the problem was fixed. So it was not Aslains at least for the options I am using.
  9. Modpack is behaving well and game is not getting stuck anymore on the prebattle screen. All seems to be normal again.
  10. Initially the game was just stuck on the pre battle screen although I could hear the sound of engine, hydro, radar etc. But I could not see the in battle screen at all. Assumed there's something wrong with the game or the modpack so I uninstalled it (the modpack). I played 1 battle after uninstalling and it worked, but on the second one I tried the game stuck again on the pre battle screen. Installed back again the modpack and it worked ok. Now I am confused though. Is it Aslain, is it the game? I don't know but I ll keep testing. for as long as I can. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
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