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  1. OK I had the loading hang again. These are the errors in python.log ERROR: Traceback (most recent call last): ERROR: File "atac", line 1, in MakctAtac ERROR: AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'visible' INFO: MultiHitLog: Config reloaded, all data has been reset ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/gui/Scaleform/framework/entities/BaseDAAPIModule.py, 60): Error during <gui.Scaleform.framework.managers.TutorialManager.TutorialManager object at 0x149A01B0> flash disposing What got my attention is the atac warning. I was loading the ATAC! mod to let me know if enemy got into 100m. I took that out and have not hung yet.
  2. I did have the issue with win10. I got rid of it by doing a clean install, flushing game cache and deleting Aslain dl cache. Destination location: D:\Games\World_of_Tanks Setup type: Custom installation Selected components: -------------------[ Aslain's XVM config v4.6.24 ]------------------------------------------ Check for Aslain's ModPack updates in garage Color Scheme Green vs. Red Vehicle Contour Icons Aslains icons [DLC] 3D icons with arab tiers -----------------[ Over Target Markers (OTM) ]------------------------------------- The shadow intensity behind OTM strong shadow The main text field Vehicle name Vehicle names colored by ally/enemy Vehicle hitpoints colored by ally/enemy Stock turret marker Low HP exclamation mark (below 25% hp) small marker on the right side of hp bar Tank name over destroyed vehicles Floating markings of destroyed vehicles Nuke icon for enemy, angel wings for ally Rating marker icon star --------------------[ Other XVM Settings ]------------------------------------------- Skip intro movie Show server ping at login screen and in hangar Show server info in hangar Favorite Server (remembers selected login server) Don't play Fire & Ammorack damage sounds --------------[ Panels & Windows by Aslain (in-battle) ]--------------------- Show XVM stats icons on Battleloading and Stats Tab Battle loading window Advanced battleloading Statistics tab (under Tab key) Simple Statistics Tab Players Panel Start mode medium #1 PP Background transparency 60 (weak) [WoT default] Clan Icons on Players Panel default position Enemy spotted markers Eye Display squad icons Large panel Advanced Panel Medium panel (default) Narrow #2 ----------------------[ XVM Minimap ]----------------------------------------------- Show 50m auto-detection circle thin turquoise circle Show vehicle direction line long & thin green line Show camera direction line yellow line with dots every 100m Show gun traverse lines Show 445m maximum detection range circle (yellow) Show 500m maximum drawing distance square (red) Show dynamic view range circle (blue) Show view range circle while in motion (navy blue) Show view range circle while standing (white) Show icons for destroyed tanks Labels on the minimap Show vehicle names only Full Enable minimap zoom on button: L.CTRL The alternative minimap mode (when ALT pressed) Show players name on the minimap ----------------------[ Hitlog Settings ]---------------------------------------------- version #1 (detailed header + normal numbers) top -----------------------[ The XVM player statistics ]------------------------------- Rating scale 10 colors by WotLabs.net (original) ----------------- [ The 6th Sense settings ]-------------------------------------- Custom icons Yellow bulb Sound alert Red Alert sound ---------------------[ The hangar XVM settings ]----------------------------------- Enable gold locker Enable Free XP locker Change default currency from gold to credits Display hangar clock 12h (AM/PM) Multilined Tank Carousel by XVM 1 row Scale of carousel cells 1.0 (default) Selected tank highlighter red frame ------------------------------[ The Mod Pack ]--------------------------------------- Camera scripts [settings] Zoom settings 30x (10 steps, 0.9-30) [by P_MOD] Zoom-out (extends default zoom out range) 300m away max Disable gun shake effect after shot Scope Shadow Remover Accurate Damage Indicator version #2 ATAC! (enemy in proximity 100m warning) Spotted vehicle direction on aim circle ----------------------[ Crosshair mods ]------------------------------------------ Crosshairs Team Roughneck's Gunsights Battle Assistant for SPG triggered by both 'G' and 'Mouse-wheel' button Multi Hit Log v2.3 - Hitlog, InBattle WN8, Damage Log Display upper logs on the right side of screen expD Graphical performance mods Mav's Ultra Fog Remover WoT Tweaks (use at own risk, may crash the game) Disable Clouds Disable Tree motion effects Disable Wreckage smoke Disable Exhaus smoke Safe Shot Block shooting at wrecks & allies for 2s -----------------------[ Garage mods ]---------------------------------------- Automatic equipment mounting/dismounting AutoTelescope sequence: Camonet / Binocs / Repair Kit Garage appearance (changed with ARROW UP & DOWN keys) Bat Cave Hangar ---------------------[ Various mods ]----------------------------------------- Sound mods (might lower your fps) Voice announcers locastan's UT Announcer Crew voice sounds english Grandpa's Favorite Voices Graphical content mods Train Wagon mods by locastan XVM's clan icons addon NA icons full (2015.08) Texture skinpacks Hitzone skins by Goha.ru [HD] [v0.9.10] Skins of destroyed vehicles White Additional tasks: Installation type Clean install (clean up res_mods folder - RECOMMENDED!) Remove the contents of DLC cache (Aslains_DLC_cache folder) Reset the game settings and clean up the cache When I had the problem it was with some of the other hitlog mods loaded. Forgot to mention I had the Nohate message filter loaded when I was locking.
  3. Just installed Aslains_XVM_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.4.6.24_910.exe. I have been waiting for the Autoteliscope mod to return. When installed I notice that the readme file installs to \Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.9 This is not a big problem but it can lead to confusion.
  4. Actually there are mods that some use to tell them when they are aimed at. They can also tell them when you are ready to fire. You will be able to tell if someone has one by watching what they do. If they sit there but move as soon as you aim at them, wait untill they stop. Try aiming again if they repeat then they may be getting help. Note that 6th sense will warn them but there is a built in delay for that to happen.
  5. Wine can, however it is not a great platform. I have had clanmates that bought a windows pc to get past the performance issues. The problem with the modpack is that windows uses drive designators like C: D: etc. Linux/OSx does not. The dualboot with win7 would be the best way to go.
  6. Aslains_modernIcons3D-arab_98.7z is the name of the file. BUT I sent the file back because it does have the proper images in it.
  7. I tried using the Modern 3D icons with Arabic numbers but in several cases the system will not display the icon. It is weird because the icon is in the zip file but not the xvm resource folder. A file is there but it is incorrect. _Aslain_logs.zip python.log Aslains_modernIcons3D-arab_98.7z
  8. This really is a very minor issue and it will of course be corrected by people following instructions and deleting the DL cache (good luck with that). During install I had a download failure when using Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.4.3.4_97. Specifically the file Login_Screens_97.7z failed to download. The installer did retry and then showed the error message and allowed me to retry. I did retry it failed again. (That was a problem with their site). The install issue is that when I went on everything install properly. Except when I installed Aslains_XVM_Mod_Installer_v.4.3.6_97 it appeared to complete normally. It turns out that the failure had left a 105KB stub file in the DL cache folder. This fooled the installer into thinking it did not need to DL again. Removing the file corrected the problem. I would suggest that in the event of a failure use the stub to allow the installation to continue but then at the end delete the stub.
  9. utGort

    Eff Rating

    There is a mod in Solos pack called Multi-hit log. It displays a single line at the top right of the screen that shows wn8 expected damage for the tank you are in damage done and effectivnes. That was the only thing in Solos that I cared for at all so I grabbed it. It has an external file containing the per tank info needed.
  10. Roughnecks Gunsights does have arty travel time. The right box shows that when you are in an spg and enemy view distance when in a tank.
  11. There is a text file where the mod installs. It did list the mouse button and G when I looked at it. I tried to change to a better key for me but when I got into a map none of my controls worked. (I just reinstalled to get control back as I didn't feel like troubleshooting it.) You can find the text file C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\res_mods\0.9.4\scripts\client\mods\battle_assistant.txt In it's entiretity it is: spg: enabled: true # false - полностью отключить мод keys: "[Keys.KEY_MOUSE2, Keys.KEY_G]" # список клавиш, кавычки не убирать! zoomSpeed: 3.0 # скорость зума expert: enabled: true gunner: enabled: true
  12. I just got done testing the mod. You need to push the G key to enable the sight zoom in. Other than that it will be a standard SPG sight. It also plays well with the Roughneck gunsight so it will only allow that mod in an SPG. The must have read my post and gone back in time to fix it. lol
  13. Right now I play two types of vehicles TDs and SPGs. I do like the looks of the Battle Assistant PoV mod for arty. But for TDs would prefer to use Team Roughneck's Gunsights. Now I am not asking for only those two things. What I think would be a popular mod is one simular to the Autotelescope mod. The difference would be that you would specify the gunsight for the class of vehicle. Like: Light Melty TD Roughneck SPG Battle Assist You get the idea. It would automatically use that gunsight when you chose the class of vehicle. Is this even remotly possible?
  14. Is it possible to include Grandpas full voice pak? The current version cuts out the vehicle spotted messages and the damage messages. It is realtivly minor but it would save reinstalling it after every run of your modpak. Or is it possible to just replace the mod in the DLC directory without damaging anything else. Note that this is the only sound mod I run so there would be no conflicts.
  15. Sorry but you are only thinking of it from the perspective of you might get hit. Well sure this is a game where that can happen. From an arty prespective all enemies on the field are prespective targets. Sometimes we do need to change selected targets. If you have an amx 12t (or any light) you really need to nut hug the enemy tanks anyway. From my perspective you should stay back and use your cannon. Not just because of arty but being up next to them also shields them from the other tanks on your side. When I see one of mine close I do mark the target, more often then not some fool will rush in and hug them. Sorry if I hit you but stay away from targets. It would be safer if wg did not nerf arty accuracy but they did. So you tut really should be stay safe do not get right next to them. BTW it makes very little sense to ram a maus, with a light it is laughable.
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