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  1. updated to WoT_es_translation_9.14.16.rar Added readme_v2_esp.rar
  2. Updated to WoT_es_translation_v9.13.26.rar Hi all, I not play WOT now, and not know if I return to play, I continue translating the WOT files, WoW files need search one guy for translating I don't play WoW.
  3. Hi guys! I am away on vacation, I return on January 3. And this for aslain, test weblate, has very good translation options and can translate from mobile.
  4. http://wotsite.net/pritsely/8572-super-pritsely-meltymap-dlya-world-of-tanks.html test this.
  5. aslain i have one question about one string: (en_translation_v9.12.6) en.NoDynamic=Disable gun shake effect after shot and now is (en_translation_v9.12.12) en.NoDynamic=Deactivate Dynamic Camera if activated in Ingame Settings is correct?
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