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  1. I bought myself Office 07 with the full install and unlimited copies in use. that is usually a $600+ program got it from M4 for $65. Same with Win 7. I bought 20 copies of Win 7 at the student price of $65. I have installed 19 of them at a massive profit. Win 8,8.1,10 all have this stubborn quirks. Instead of making OS's easier they made them more phone like. If I could take the time to port it all linux I would.
  2. I fixed it by uninstalling and reinstalling. No problems since. Well there is still the problem of Pubbie battles but thats for a different channel
  3. Mine has started crashing also. About 1-2 minute mark and I crash to the desktop, game restarts by itself and I am usually staring down the barrel of a tank by then.
  4. DVK9


    This almost monthly updates is wearing thin. Remember we would play like 6 months before an update
  5. DVK9


    Ok let me add my whine. Where oh where is my Up sound. I have gotten so use to firing on hearing that now I am shoot a fraction late.
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