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  1. after battle screen is bugged for me. all on left and "text" on the tabs etc.....see attached picture
  2. was a firewall problem, my firewall felt offended and blocked some temp files from installing routine into container mode! Took me like 1/2 day to find out lol
  3. heavy problems here with installing routine. loads it all down and when installer tries to install this message occurs. dont know how to fix.
  4. i use yazom and i get sometimes same. focused and ship moves on. had that effect from #4 version of actual modpack. thought it was fixed meanwhile, but isnt. going back to #2 version, last one without that bug.
  5. getting ctds every 3rd match or so. after quick relaunch to get back into running battle the textbox and the minimap ping doesnt work. anymore. so after the match i need another relaunch. So that sucks hard. tried to switch of all spoter mods. didnt help. Python log says last row: ERROR: [ERROR] (scripts/client/account_helpers/CustomFilesCache.py, 210): Client couldn't read file. (EOFError(), 'NB2HI4B2F4XWGZJOO5XXE3DEN5THIYLONNZS4ZLVF5SGG33OOQXWG3DBNZZS6ZLNMJWGK3LTF42TAMBQGUYTMOBRF5SW2YTMMVWV6NRUPA3DIX3UMFXGWLTQNZTQ====') any idea which mod causes this? complete pythn.log attached python.log _Aslain_logs.zip
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