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  1. Good Morning Aslain.... Thank you for responding...i tried everything, except the obvious...go figure. 1.) Initially update failed to take in game.....(Screenshot) .so I started this ticket and proceeded to try multiple things. 2.) Every time, it came up with that screenshot I posted. 3.) I tried clicking through it, as it will allow me to continue with install....but several times I launched that game and the modpack didnt take. 4.) I tried one last final time to click through and continue with install.... 5.) Launched game and modpack took affect. Don't know what happened.....Thanks again for you responding to my ticket...I know your a very busy person. Take care. CARCUS
  2. Ive changed security settings, allowed site, different browser downloads, all result in that screen....never happened before and nothing has changed. Weird.... Any chance you or anyone, could point me someplace to possibly address this? Thanks as always.
  3. Thank you...I'll work on it. Don't know how to correct it though....because once you hit run, pretty automatic....I will definitely work on and post an update, just in case someone else experiences this. Thanks again brother!
  4. You got further than me...mine just gets started and then has a message similar to yours.....connection error....Hope we get this sorted.
  5. Evening everyone: Download successful, however when executes, gets started, then has an error with yellow triangle and exclamation point, stating connection error with server. I ran a speedtest on internet and all is well. Anyone else experiencing a hiccup when installing latest mod pack? Thanks as always.
  6. Hello: Came up with a nasty malware virus when trying to download most recent mod update. Came up with a user and log in information....and stated my computer was locked and call a phone number...anyone else have this happen? Thanks in advance Carcus
  7. I'll just wait ....no big hurry, game launched, but no mod...ie roughneck mods did not take. Thanks for making this game so awesome! Enjoy your time off....take care. Carcus
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