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  1. 'So try without this: Consumable panel Consumable, Shell & Equipment Informer by Hawg" Thanks. That fixed it for me!
  2. Yea, I had the problem with Frontlines with repair kits not showing up in battle. That ended up being the Auxilium equipment, crew and camo return mod. Once I unchecked that and ran the mod pack without it, Frontlines worked fine with all the other mods. Not sure which one is doing it now.
  3. Same problem. In Homefront there is no reticle, no mini map, no player panels, no hit logs, damage logs, equip/consumable buttons. Not any interface at all. Regular matches in random, etc. all interfaces seem to work O.K.
  4. I agree. He's done a fantastic job of compiling mods and making it much easier for people to use. Aslain has the best modpack available.
  5. Thanks. That appears to be the problem. There were no notes in the installer that mentioned any problems, known or unknown.
  6. Tried it with and without mods and it's definitely occurring when mod pack is installed. Included w/wo screenshot of text in store since it's basically happening in game as well. Also included all the logs I could find. It's making it difficult to read the panels. Tried changing screen resolution, anti-aliasing settings and checked Nvidia control panel settings with no improvement. _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log _Aslains_Installer_Extractor.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  7. Thanks for checking back. I tried different combinations of GambitER's damage logs but had the same result with all of them. I've been using it with Shtys damage panel so decided to just not use the damage logs at all. That's when I found out that Shty's panel has a damage log attached to it and I guess that may have been the problem. I like the GambitER log with the spit XFT set up a little better but this works ok as it is. A little trial and error never hurts. Btw, I've been playing frontline and I guess they disable all mods in that event so in order to play it I have to unload all the mods. Otherwise it disables all the equipment I install (Fire Extinguisher, Med Pack, Mechanical Repair kit) and you go into battle with none of them. Is removing the mod pack with mod cleaner the only way to do that? Let me know if I should start another thread for that.
  8. It seems to work ok. I tried to edit the file for it but haven't been able to get it to change. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Log sits too high on screen. How do you move it? It's the split log by EFT.
  10. m0nstertr4x - I keep HWInfo and MSI Afterburner running behind the game so I can monitor temps. My frame rate has been running at about 110 - 115 fps during matches, CPU temp around 64 - 66c, and GPU about 55 - 60c. All the game settings are set to max except motion blur and extra effects in sniper mode which are both off. Temps and frame rate remain steady and consistent throughout matches. I used WG's integrity check and mod cleaner prior to the .03 update installation, I'm running with 8gb of ram with no OC'ing and plenty of case/CPU cooling so I don't think temp is the issue. I'd like to narrow it down to either the game or the mod pack. Hardware doesn't seem to be the issue. I've installed the .05 update and just downloaded the .07 update and getting ready to start the game again but still haven't seen any graphic issues since installing the .03 update. Thanks for advice on the appdata cache.
  11. Thanks for the link to the EU forum. Nice to know I'm not the only one experiencing graphic issues. I've asked others in-game and in my clan if anyone else has had similar problems but to date every one says they haven't. I'm not so sure I won't be seeing it again but, for the time being things seem ok.
  12. Interesting. I had opened a support ticket to WG about it but, since I run mods, I knew that's the first thing they would blame. So I closed it before I got a response. I'd tried restarting the client but the problem would come up again after only 2 or 3 matches. Once I installed Aslain's .03 update, and since then, I don't see it anymore. Maybe I should open a ticket again. I don't know what good it will do since WG doesn't seem to be doing anything about it in Europe though.
  13. Sorry. Those are the only files in the archiver that are there. I think I ran mods cleaner before I installed the modpack and I can't find any other logs older than that. I saw that you posted so I ran modcleaner again a couple times, ran an integrity check on the game and downloaded and installed .03. I played on it for a couple of hours and haven't seen any more problems with it. Thanks for getting back to me and I'll let you know if the issue pops up again.
  14. Graphic and lighting glitches showing up in matches along with other tanks on team disappearing but track effects are still seen. Included screenshots and a log file. I used the mod cleaner and checked the game with out mods and it seems to run fine. I've got the replays if you need them. Thanks. Hopefully the mods cleaner didn't delete any relevant logs. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  15. Yes I am thanks to you and thank you very much!
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