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  1. Hallo Folks, I only wanted to ask this. Is there a Mod existing that prevents the Fieldpost from Poping up in the Garage or is there somewhere an Option to Disable this in the Game which I haven´t found yet ? I don´t know about you but in the last few Days , the little Window in the Garage keeps popping up each time I enter the Garage. No matter if I already had read all the Posts. This is somewhat frustrating after a time because it always " keep it up with these Damn Markers which I´m not intersted in to know of how many I already have. THX to all Shingomera
  2. Hi there, just wanted to report that the Two Steps of Hell Sound mod isn´t working anymore. At least for me it doesn´t. Archive added as always. See Ya Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. More Problems with your sound mod. 1. Provinz, Minsk and Studzianski are playing two songs simultanly and that is going to kill my nerfs since every third battle of mine is on one of those three maps. Playing the other sound Radios is also not mine because they are not my likeings. Sorry. 2. Pilsen is not playing waiting sound. Running sound is OK. Hope it helps.
  4. Just wanted to tell, if you might have forgotten about this or did not had some time :-), the problem still exists. Yet it´s not that kind of urgent to be fixed :-). I´m glad that you at least have added some great music on the last update ;-).
  5. Nope. Sorry Boss !! It still playes both ! Had been lucky today to enter that Map. Even if I now hate it.... Had been such a nice one back then but now it´s only a piece of crap when you are a td or an Arty...
  6. On .10 It was the told problem. On.11 I cannot say. Haddend the Map yet. Well.... The weekend is Long and the Missions are very attractive these Days :-). Once I know I will tell.
  7. Hi there Big Boss :-), i´ve stumbled across a little Failure within your Music Mod. While on the New Map Provinz, the music from the 40 sec waiting screen and the normal Battle Music are playing simultanly. Easier said. The musci from the 40 seconds waiting doesn´t stop and playes on together with the normal Battle music when the Battle starts. Both play till the end and no one stopps. Somehow this is only when playing on Provinz. The other Maps are OK. Logs are attaced if needed :-) Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  8. I don´t know for programming but when I experience this problem I try to issulate the problem in this way. Uninstall Wot than install it again so that the Game is clear of everything. Than I install one mod and test it a few times. When there is no problem at hand, I install the next mod until the crash happens so that I know the exxact Mod that causes the problem and don´t install it untill the prblem is fixed + I write in here so that Aslain knows the problem. Which is very rarely by the way :-). Luckily. Such a guess for your problem to solve it. I know it sucks. These crashes I mean.
  9. Hi there folks and of course Aslain :-). is there any chance that the Two Steps from Hell radio Mod comes back someday ? I don´t know about you all but to me, the new sounds on the maps are... slightly said.... Insame terrible !!! I mean, what has greek music to search in a Tank Game ? Or Arabian screamings ? I need some real music which can bring me in the mode like the music from Sabaton or the Two Steps from Hell sound. Just something that let my thoughts of the tomate Team get away... These are just some thoughts of mine.
  10. Never trust allies :-). Totally true. The only ones that you can trust are yourself and the ones who are driving with you in an platoon. There of course if they are in Teamspeak with you of course :-). Have fun.... I always have fun. Esspecially when I read someones frustration about ithers in Ingame chat :-). The only thing I mosttimes hate is that so many players are waisting Prem Ammo on Tanks with Paper Armor or when they not Know where to aim for weak spots. I have never used Prem Ammo in my entire Career and I´m still standing at an effiancy of around 6000 just because I know where to aim on neary any Tank and that´s only because I watch each Video from Quickybaby and Mighty Jingles on Youtube :-).
  11. Schonmal den Hangman Hangar Pack mit Music ausprobiert ? Ist doch langweilig immer den selben Hangar zu sehen :-).
  12. This is a general problem... Mist. Besser so. Dies ist ein generelles Problem in dem Spiel seitdem WG das Soundsystem umgestellt hat. Darum existieren auch nicht viele Soundradios als Mod. Sofern du diese Music unbedingt haben möchtest, würde ich empfehlen auf Aslain Two steps from Helll umzusteigen. Dort gibt es zwar, leider.... , keine Hangar Music dafür Spielt der rest aber einwandfrei. Ansonsten müsste man mal Versuchen den Mod Hersteller auf dieses Problem hinzuweisen. Falls dies Überhaupt möglich ist :-). Finde die Seite von Ihm leider gerade nicht, nur den Beitrag im Wot Forum
  13. Could you maybe say what exxactly not works ? Is it maybe that it´s not refreshing each day or is there another problem ? Just asking ;-)
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