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Looking for a lead Delphi programmer with a spare time.
Szukam doświadczonego programisty Delphi z czasem, który może poświęcić.


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  1. Aslain, Game will not enter battle. Hit battle button. Game goes to next screen. Counts down to zero and just sits there. Do Ctl-Alt-Del, kill process, restart game in safe mode, game loads and joins battle in progress. Thx, Viper069 Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  2. Having the same issue. Just logged in to check the same thing here. It hasn't worked at all for me since the last update. I find it is a very useful mod.
  3. Viper069

    Welcome thread

    Just trying to restore my ability to type in shoutbox. Thanks guys... :)
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