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  1. Hello, These key bindings work OK, but... Click element/frame is still the same size (despite text element increased size), and it's under XVM DMG log. Unable to click/move the frame. The only way to move - in this situation - is to modify the config file directly. Thanks.
  2. Hello Aslain, From the picture below you can see EME overlapping XVM DMG (taken) overlap: see the attachment The only way to change the position is to change config file. With best regards, Hoakerk.
  3. Chat announcer is fine. Near icons (Bosomi I guess) needs indent. Good to know when airstrike is ready. Thank you
  4. Sorry for taking so long, here are the log files: _Aslain_logs.zip python.log
  5. From mine experience, a large collection of mods tend to drop frame rate. So, it's basically a normal thing.
  6. Hi again, Any chance to indent to right (on left side, and to the left on the right side), a little bit, arty reload time? Follows an example:
  7. Ok, so the problem was within "Backup session stats cache". Now everything works fine, and got some fps boost as well. Thank you.
  8. Hello again, I did try to disable vanilla extra zoom, and still didn't worked. I'm not WoT debugger, have no idea where to look for the log files. Point me into the right direction and I'll post 'em. (PS for myself: gonna Google 1st.) By the way, I've tried another mod pack, and zoom worked fine (no idea if it was same mod or not). Thank you in advance.
  9. Hi, That mod doesn't do anything in any type of config (ps: loved "default zoom" option). Can someone else confirm it please. Thank you.
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