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  1. This is a request for Mirukii, the person that added the T34 Heavy skin (Not the Independence skin) into the mod pack. Could you please remake that same skin for the T30 as well? They both look almost the same in the game, but I would like to use that skin for the T30 as well please. Or remake another one similar please? Thank you.
  2. I downloaded the new mod pack version today, and after installing it everything is working again like it should be. I've played about 10 battles now and spotting is working normal. My issue is fixed.
  3. Downloaded & Installed the new mod pack version that came out today. Haven't had any issues since then. Everything is working like it should. So far the light bulb next to my name, and 6th sense is working normal again. Not sure what was going on earlier, but it's now fixed since I downloaded the new version of the mod pack. Sorry for any inconvenience. You can close, and delete this thread if you want.
  4. I'm having this exact same issue, and yes - All of my commanders have the 6th sense perk. The light bulb is not showing up, and i'm getting hit constantly. Something is wrong, and It wasn't like this before. My 6th sense Icon is supposed to be eye of sauron saying, "I see you!" It still works, but not like it should. I've been getting spotted while totally surrounded in bushes in a tiny light tank with extremely high concealment, and a deployed camo net. If someone were close to me then the ATC would be flashing, but no! No warnings, nothing! I'm really starting to wonder if people are using a cheating program that shows them everyone on the battlefield. This is happening in multiple maps, not some random incident.
  5. After downloading the latest version of the modpack. I've played about 30+ battles, and somehow I was spotted behind a bush without any sixth sense warning, and the little light bulb beside my name never even came on telling me that I was spotted on enemy map. I was thinking they just got lucky with a ghost shot into the bushes, but it's happening more frequently on multiple maps. I've been getting spotting behind bushes constantly, and have no Idea how cause there is no warning. Is anyone else having this issue? I mainly play Tank Destroyers, or Light tanks. I've been spotting in this game for years, I'm pretty good at it and never had this problem until recently.
  6. Is there any possible way to select which map you want to battle on? There are only about 4 maps I really like to play on, but I rarely see them. Is there anyway to implement a mod to play on only certain maps? I don't mind waiting 5 minutes extra per map if I know I will be on a map that I will enjoy. I was just pondering a mod with all the maps listed, but we could select only the ones we want to play on. Not sure if that's possible, that's why I'm asking.
  7. I have a question about the Duke Nukem.. Have you removed or changed some of the things he say's? He use to say, "You're Done, Son!" when I killed people in one hit, but he hasn't said it in months. It just seems like he don't say as much as he use to, or repeats the same thing. "You wanna touch it, Don't you?" -Love that, lol.. Can you add more scripts to his speech?
  8. Aslain, will you please add the Old Rock Music back into your mod pack? I've tried several times to add it in my game folder (res_mods\\audioww), but with no success. I stopped playing the game for a few months cause it don't work. I'll be glad to pay you (donation) to fix it for me, please. It use to work just fine, but I can't get it working anymore since the 9.21 patch. I see that WoT is on 9.22 patch now. The mod author's say it works with 9.22 patch, but I can't get it to work. I'm at a loss, and don't know how to fix it.
  9. In case you haven't read it in other forums.. The Halloween event is causing problems with the mods, so if you want to play the Halloween event you need to start the game in "Safe Mode". To play in safe mode simply click the little arrow next to the play button, and select safe mode. Your mods should work fine for all other battles, except the Halloween event. To re-enable your mods simply restart your game normally with the play button. I never knew about the safe mode myself, until last night. It's been years since I've played the game with no mods.
  10. I'm dying laughing right now! I have not played this game in years without your mods, they're great. I just played my first random battle of the day with an old T95 which I rarely ever play. I done over 6,000 damage in one round, and got a mastery badge. The game sounds so cheesy, and I was laughing the entire time at the generic sounds of the crew. Thank you guys for telling me about safe mode, I never knew it existed!
  11. I'm in safe mode, works great! I've killed him 3 times now! He's easy if you just keep using cover. I never knew about safe mode, lol. Someone should record Leviathans voice and add him to the mod pack, lol
  12. I hate to ask this question, but how do I temporarily remove the mod pack from the game? I haven't played the game without the mod pack in a couple years, but I'll do it if It lets me play this event. I've never had to remove the mod pack. I just always update it when needed. I'll probably hate the game without the mods, but I really want to kill this Leviathan dude!
  13. Aslain, can you glance at my log file and tell me what makes my game crash when trying to load the map for Leviathan? I really want to play this event. I have no problems in the hanger, it's when I select "Battle" for Leviathan, that's when it crashes to desktop.
  14. Never done this before, but here it is. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
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